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Online Organization Development Certification Programs

The Institute of Organization Development (IOD) offers OD Certification Programs to help participants their advance career in the field of Organization Development and Change Management.  Our online learning platform using Go to Training allows participants to interact with others globally to share their experience and participate in interactive facilitated discussions.  Our experienced facilitators have experience as consultants in the field of OD and share their knowledge and experience to support participant's learning.  Our programs are offered in different time zones, meeting 3 hours per month over 8 months for your convenience.  We also offer ongoing support and coaching.  You will receive for 24 HRCI credits for each of our OD Certification Programs. If you are new to OD or have several years of experience, we have a career path developed to help you succeed.

Are you interested in learning how to obtain a Certification in OD?  To learn more: Courses Available Online.
You may be eligible for a discounted rate. 

OD Certification Programs can be offered online and in a classroom setting. To learn more about our OD Certification Programs and their benefits in furthering your career, please call us at (954)341-2522 (EST/EDT) or e-mail us at Please sign up for our newsletter and join our Organization Development Linked In Group.

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