2017 OD Conference Speakers

Gabriel Gbiel Benarkuu, Ph.D, is a Community and Organisation Development Specialist with emphasis in community and Organisational Psychology, Appreciative Inquiry, and Appreciative Leadership (A New Emerging Field).  He has made significant contributions to the field of Organisation Development (OD) Psychology (ODPSY), Appreciative Leadership Model (ALM), as well as Organisational Retreat Model (GAB’s Retreat Model).  He has made major contributions to effectiveness of workplaces in organisations in Africa—His scholar-practitioner programme focuses on: OD Process Consultation, Action Research Model (Adopted from IOD), Team Development and Strengthening Strategies (TDSS), Executive Coaching, Organisational Change and Cultural Diversity, Feedback Regulation, Work Motivation and Productivity Improvement Strategies (WOMPIS).  He has consulted to and worked with over 250 non-profit organisations in Africa, over 155 Small and Medium size private businesses and has provided development services to over 40 districts in Ghana.  He is the first African scholar to produce a bachelor degree in Organisational Development (BSc OD).  “I am inspired by what is happening in the world.”  Gabriel is a family peace facilitator; he educates families to invest in peace, education and ethical development.