Applying Appreciative Inquiry Technologies


Use Past Wins to Pave the Way for a Successful Future

Learn how to use the Appreciative Inquiry Model to identify past organizational successes and apply those insights to a prosperous—and profitable—future


Applying Appreciative Inquiry Workshop guides participants to use the Appreciative Inquiry Model to help clients generate energy and ideas needed to bring about positive change by focusing on the success of the past to identify possibilities for the future. Participants will learn how to facilitate group discussions using the 4-D Model – Discovery, Dream, Design, Destiny, to increase innovation and creativity across an organization. Participants learn how to create Appreciative Inquiry foundations, identify key principles, and share best practices for implementation. Participants gain new skills from models, tools, processes, and real-world application activities

Who this workshop is intended for?
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Learning and Development Professionals
  • OD Professionals
  • Talent Management Professionals
  • Leaders
  • Anyone seeking opportunities in the field of OD
Why should I take this workshop?
  • Address the development and implementation of a Mentoring Program to meet multi-generational needs
  • Build a business case for mentoring that aligns with organization goals to gain senior leaders and stakeholder support
  • Gain confidencDevelop core standards and apply Six Step Mentoring Processe to initiate and manage change in organizations
What are the benefits of this workshop?
  • Ability to facilitate Appreciative Inquiry using the 4-D Model
  • Using Appreciative Inquiry tools and techniques in discussions for encouraging positive change.
  • Applying Appreciative Inquiry concepts to address real world challenges.
  • Increase employee engagement by harnessing the power of employees
  • Demonstrate a proven change process to achieve business results
  • Engage creativity and talent of your existing employees
  • Magnifies the speed to execute positive innovation
  • Creates an organization culture that attracts and retains the best and brightest talent
  • Discovers where quality exists in your organization and leverages it to create more

Training Format:


Course Duration

3 Hours

Price (USD)



3 HRCI Business recertification credit hours

Workshop Outline

Learning Activities



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Start Maximizing Employee Performance and Engagement

Want to maximize employee performance and engagement? This 3-hour course will show you how. Learn the basics of Appreciative Inquiry and how to use the 4-D model to keep your employees engaged and performing at their best.

Define Appreciative Inquiry and its basic components

Apply the 4-D model to help your organization achieve its goals and maximize employee engagement

Learn the tools and techniques for each step in the 4-D Appreciative Inquiry Model, and build on each aspect of the model to create a systems change

Learn how to frame questioning that elicit positive responses

Select tools to encourage dialogue, story telling, and to generate ideas that stretch and challenge individuals and groups so they can work more effectively on critical initiatives

Apply appreciative inquiry concepts and tools to real- world issues

Meet The Facilitators

OD Practioners With Decades of Real-World Experience

Patricia (Patti) Dammann

Patricia Dammann


Gene Wheeler


S. Gevaise

Susan Gervasi