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In this age of VUCA Business environments, characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, one critical element that organizations need for survival and success is Organizational Leadership. Organizational Leadership is a set of skills that enable Leaders to provide transformational leadership direction to organizations and individuals. These Leaders leverage consulting skills to work with senior leadership teams, manage resistance, gain buy-in, build collaboration to accomplish organizational goals, facilitate complex change by helping individuals and teams to adapt to change, and diagnose change readiness.

By understanding the gaps and building a change management plan, these Leaders can design the appropriate organization for ensuring success, tapping into the collective intelligence of the organization and the prevailing narratives, stories, and conversations to generate new ideas, nurture the culture and reframe mindsets of the people, align the strategic mission of the organization and its ability and competence to fulfill its mission, operate in a global context managing cross-cultural issues facilitating diversity and inclusion, and ensuring corporate governance through strong ethical foundations.

Organizations are prioritizing the development of Organizational Leaders as they form the critical link to ensure that the organizations are successful and deliver their goals to meet the expectations of all stakeholders. Some of the key expectations from Organizational Leaders are:

Strategic Consulting skills to be able to work across boundaries with several stakeholders at all levels of the organization to gather the required inputs, build consensus, develop action plans, execute the action plans in a collaborative way with others so that the organizational goals are accomplished. Transformational Leadership with strategic intent to ensure that the organizational goals are relevant, aligned to every employee in the organization, inspire the employees to exceed expectations and increase collaboration between the functions to achieve organizational goals.

Lead complex change in the organization by ensuring urgency, developing a change coalition, facilitating organizational progress through VUCA Change scenarios, sustaining the motivation and drive of employees to ensure organizational survival and success. Diagnose challenges at an individual, team, and organizational level which are preventing the organization from achieving its full potential and building collaboration across the organization, leveraging system thinking and strategic planning to execute tangible interventions. Become a Culture Gardener by nurturing the appropriate culture, transforming mindsets and re-invigorating the culture so that the organization is able to accomplish its goals and employees are able to experience and live in a positive and thriving culture.

Become a Cosmopolitan Leader and operate across global cultures with the ability to lead across multiple contexts, tap into the collective intelligence and stories of people, and weave the individual and organizational aspirations to accomplish the organizational mission. Organizational Leaders are inspirational leaders and are able to bring their organizational skill sets together to inspire everyone. In the words of John Quincy Adams, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

The Institute of Organization Development is focused on developing Organizational Leaders through the advanced Organization Development Certified Consultant (ODCC) program. The ODCC is IOD’s Fellow Program in Organization Development which helps participants to develop organizational leadership skills and abilities in a practical and experiential way leveraging reflection, research, rendition and review. If you are interested in becoming an Organizational Leader with the required skills to take your organization to the next level, then ODCC is the best step forward.

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