Career Development Resource


An online informational resource developed to assist you with your Career Development Planning

Use this resource to identify different levels in the OD Career Path, determine your current OD competencies (strengths and development needs), and obtain ideas to help you achieve your career goals

OD Career Development


  • To provide a resource for future participants to identify their OD career path, assess their competency level, and select the right certification program or workshops to achieve their professional development.
  • To help Teams get started in their OD Career Path Journey
  • To Increase awareness of the value of ongoing career development for OD Professionals
  • Provide tools and resources to support professional OD career development
  • Increase awareness of our Certification Programs and Professional Development Workshops
  • Provide enterprise solutions for customers seeking OD Change Management professional development for their team members

Key Tools For Career Development:

  • OD Competencies and Definitions
  • OD Competency Assessment
  • Self Development Plan
  • Training Roadmaps
  • Career Path Map
  • OD Career Development Tools
  • Provides a frame of reference that defines the available opportunities within the field of Organization Development today and into the future
  • Clarifies competencies required for success in the field
  • Allows you to identify your desired path in OD, where you stand in terms of skills and knowledge, and what activities you need to pursue to help you achieve your career goals
  • Enables you to chart learning and development opportunities
  • Helps keep you interested and engaged in your work
  • Provides a mechanism to express your skills and interests to your manager and have meaningful career discussions
  • Helps you improve your critical thinking abilities and ties to vertical development
  • The OD Career Planning Process is an online app developed to assist you with your Career Development planning. Individuals will be able to use this tool to find out more about the different levels within each Career Path and to get ideas on development activities and resources that will help employees in creating their Career Development Plan and achieving their career goals.
  • If you are interested in growing your career in the field of Organization Development, or applying for an OD position and seeking professional development as an OD professional this app provides a Career Path Model, Competency Assessment, Development Planner tool, and learning activities to support your career goals.

You will find:

  • General descriptions of roles and responsibilities for each level
  • The competencies associated with each level
  • Tips for transitioning between levels
  • Links to resources to help you with your career development

The skills, competencies, and career development activities defined in the model are based on OD values and business strategies. We are confident  that the information provided within this model can help you develop the skills and competencies you need to meet your individual career goals.

There is no “right” or structured way to use this tool. It is meant as a resource to get the pieces of information that you need. For example, if you have a clear idea of your career goals and have developed your Career Plan but are looking for ideas on how to develop certain skills and competencies, you can link to the Development Activity Guide.

If you are new to OD and are not familiar with the different levels and competencies expected at each level, this app will be beneficial. It will enable you to view  different options before embarking on your career planning.  You can use the tool by going to the links on the different levels and reading the detailed descriptions.  You can also view  the development activities and the Resource Guide to help with your planning and your discussion with your manager.

The menu on the left allows you to link quickly to information required.  Links to related information and resources are also provided throughout the tool.

Getting Started with Your OD Career Development


Click each component for details

OD Competencies
  • Core competencies are broad and inclusive skills that provide building blocks and guidance for OD professionals
  • The core competencies were defined by industry based practices and based on literature, job postings, and learning materials reviewed
  • The key core competencies were created based on what OD professionals needed in their roles

The OD Competency Model and sub competencies are a starting point for you to focus on your strengths and development needs.  After reviewing the Competency Model, you will be asked to complete a Competency Assessment and rate your experiences.  Once you have finished the analysis, you will need to complete a Self Development Plan and identify goals to help you develop your OD competencies

You will also find  guidelines and resources to assist you in the  identification of  your developmental opportunities.

From Self Assessment To A Self Development Plan

Identify Individual OD Career Paths

Career paths based on experience, capability, potential, and interest.

Create a Vision for the Future

  • Where do I want to be in five years?
  • How can I make a contribution to my organization, my community, and global change initiatives?
  • What are my career goals?
  • What development activities will help me achieve my goals
  • What experiences will help me grow?

OD Career Path


What OD program is right for me?

If you are interested in professional development in the field of Organization Development, we offer three programs

OD Process Consulting(ODPC)  is for those new to OD who want to develop skills to practice OD in their new role.

OD Change Professional (ODCP
) is for those in an OD role, and interested in learning a formal OD Approach to Change.

OD Change Consultant Program (ODCC)  is for those with 10 or more years of experience, who want to learn advanced OD practices to advance to the consultant level.

Please answer the following questions to find out which program might be right for you!  
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OD Career guide


Take our guided OD Career Path Assessment. You can submit your assessment to our OD expert who will contact you to further discuss your development path.

OD Career Development Pathway

Leadership and Professional Level