Influence and Gain Senior Leader Buy-in


Build Partnerships With Senior Business Leaders

Master the art of building mutually beneficial relationships with senior business leaders through the art of influencing, interpersonal skills and expert communication


This interactive workshop provides participants with valuable skills to build effective partnerships with senior business leaders through the art of influencing. It focuses on increasing the ability to influence others through effective interpersonal and communication skills such as: asking critical questions, establishing positive rapport, conducting effective discussions, and overcoming conflicts. Participants learn how to influence others through the use of models considering the client, the organization, the value proposition and the path to agreement. Interactive discussions, activities and on-the-job application exercises are used to make the concepts come alive and relate to the real world

Who this workshop is intended for?
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Learning and Development Professionals
  • OD Professionals
  • Talent Management Professionals
  • Leaders
  • Anyone seeking opportunities in the field of OD
Why should I take this workshop?
  • Learn how to ask critical questions that help you to determine what is important to leaders and the organization
  • Recognize how to apply influence tools, and models to overcome conflict and challenging situations
  • Use defined processes to successfully conduct influencing discussions with senior leaders
  • Gain confidence in applying influence skills and concepts to real world challenges
What are the benefits of this workshop?
  • Facilitates the creation of effective long term partnerships with key business leaders
  • Helps you enable your business partners to achieve their goals
  • Allows you to gain the support for key projects you are promoting
  • Enables you to determine what is important to your business partner, your organization and yourself
  • Provides tools to overcome conflict and challenging situations
  • Promote healthier work environment and culture
  • Increase partnership with key organization leaders
  • Obtain critical resources for key initiatives
  • Promotes networking with other professionals to gain new insights and ideas
  • Improve performance and organizational effectiveness

Training Format:


Course Duration

3 Hours

Price (USD)



3 HRCI Business recertification credit hours

Workshop Outline

Learning Activities



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Learn How to Perfectly Align with Senior Business Partners

Without leadership buy-in, it’s hard to get anything done. In this 3-hour course, learn how to approach senior business leaders from a strategic point of view, establish a positive rapport and apply skills and concepts that’ll move the needle for your company.

Ask critical questions that help you know what is important to your senior business partners, your organization, and yourself

Establish a positive rapport with the senior leaders in your organization

Successfully conduct influencing discussions with senior leaders using defined processes

Overcome conflict and challenging situations by applying influence tools, models and tips to achieve desired results

Apply influence skills and concepts to real- world challenges

Meet The Facilitators

OD Practioners With Decades of Real-World Experience

Patricia (Patti) Dammann

Patricia Dammann


Gene Wheeler


Susan Gervasi