Embracing and Integrating Technology AND Being an Employee Champion Copy


Embracing and Integrating Technology AND Being an Employee Champion

By Antoinette “Toni” Ford


Professionals in the field of Human Resources have often felt they have to choose which “bucket” they needed to focus their attention on.  As a strategic business partner, there is a need to understand the business as a whole and make decisions that are good for the organization.  On the other hand, it is easy to forget about the employees and how to balance their voice and needs.  Organizations often say that “People are our most important asset”, and yet, when it comes to turning a profit, they may be displaced, laid-off, or have their employment terminated. One of the biggest benefits participants receive from the HRPB Certification Program is an opportunity to meet, discuss, and network with other professionals in the field. Sharing information and best practices leads to a better working environment.

At today’s breakneck pace, what is cutting edge today is often obsolete within just a couple of years. It can be difficult to predict what the needs of tomorrow’s workforce are and what technical skills they might require. The Institute of Organization Development’s HR Business Partner Certification Program will provide you with a new paradigm that can assist you in developing your role as an Employee Champion, while recognizing and embracing technology and innovation.  They are not, and do not have to be, mutually exclusive. Human Resources is often a bridge that connects the fast-paced changes that are occurring worldwide with the workforce of tomorrow.  In the HRBP Certification Program, we will explore the new tech trends and ten disruptions in the HR technology market likely to transform the overall landscape.  Paramount to organizations is the reinvention of corporate learning and HR system’s moving to the cloud as the talent market reinvents itself.

The HRBP Certification Program will benefit both you professionally and your organization and its workforce, so don’t waste another minute! Contact us and learn more about the Institute of Organization Development at: https://instituteod.com

Author:  Toni Ford, MS Administration, is a facilitator and human resources consultant for the Institute of Organization Development and has worked nationally and internationally supporting CEOs, Sr. Leadership, and teams in her role as a senior leader HR Business Partner/OD Director. She is published and has had several newspaper articles written about her work in organizations.


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