OD Thought Leadership and Industry Trends

Facilitating Healthy Organizations with OD: Patricia M. Damman’s Story
Patti Dammann believes that by teaching OD principles, IOD can help organizations transform into healthy work environments...
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Dr Nancy Zentis
The experience of Dr. Nancy Zentis early in her career was focused on helping others achieve their career goals. With a background...
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Returning to Her Essence: Susan Gervasi's Story
The14-year-old self of Susan Gervasi is happy. At 14, Susan felt that her calling was to be a teacher. It was her gift, and...
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OD Process Consulting Using a Dialogic Approach
Process Consultation is one of the early foundations of OD, introduced by Edgar Schein in the late 1960s. He defined Process...
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Deconstructing Jobs—What’s it All about?
We’ve heard about the labor shortage (yes, this still exists despite layoffs), quiet quitting, and the lack of employee engagement....
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Putting Structure in Organization Development
About a year ago, I was given an opportunity to join a newly forming department of organizational development. This was largely...
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How Coachable Are Your Leaders?
In the past, organizations have invested heavily in executive coaching as part of leadership development.  A recent study...
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What are the Future Challenges for OD?
In this day and age, as OD professionals we will face many new challenges due to the global covid pandemic, changes in the...
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Onboarding: One Size Does Not Fit All
Having a formal Onboarding Program is a retention tool that makes a significant difference, especially when it comes to the...
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