Organization Development Consultant Certification Program (ODCC)

Organization Development Consulting Certification - ODCC

Advance Your Career In The Field Of Organization Development

Enhance your career and expand your consulting capability by demonstrating complex OD tools and processes. Learn advanced theories and applications to help lead change effectively within your organization.


Advanced OD methodologies, tools, and interventions

Designed for advanced OD professionals (10+ years),  experienced working with the Action Research Model.  Participants gain skills in advanced OD change models, applications, tools, and interventions, preparing them to manage complex change and apply adaptive and dialogic methods to transform culture.

Who Should Take This Course?

ODCC is for advanced OD professionals (10+ years) looking to take their career to the next level. If you haven’t completed the ODCP prerequisite  – Apply here to see if you qualify for this course. 

  • Graduates of ODCP
  • Advanced OD Professionals with a background in applying the Action Research Model
  • OD Professionals / Consultants with over 10 years experience in the field of OD
What Are The Benefits Of ODCC?
  • Earn distinction and credibility as an advanced organization development professional
  • Increase consulting capability by demonstrating complex OD tools and processes
  • Expand awareness of changing trends and innovative technology used in OD
  • Implement change assessments and diagnostics to discover client needs and collaborate with others to identify sustainable actions
  • Lead major change initiatives and apply advanced interventions
  • Increase buy-in, commitment and reduce resistance to change
What Credits Can I Earn?
  • ODCC credentials and digital badge to be recegnized as an OD Certified Professional Consultant
  • 24 SHRM PDCs
  • 24 HRCI recertification credits
  • 24 ACMP credits

Training Format:


Course Duration

3 Hours Per Session
Once Per Month,
8 Months 

Price (USD)



24 HRCI Business recertification credit hours;
24 ACMP Credits

Certification Badge

odcc prog



Certified Training Provider



Learn and Practice Advanced OD Methodologies, Tools, and Interventions

Gain advanced OD Consulting Sklls and start down the path to creating organizational change.

Apply the Action Research Model to help clients create a sustainable model for change

Develop effective consulting skills to work with senior leadership teams, manage resistance, gain buy-in from C Suite, collaborate to build trust, and build relationships

Design and facilitate OD interventions during complex change, leverage complex adaptive systems, manage through chaos, and understand the neuro-science of managing change

Create a plan to gain alignment between the strategic mission of the organization and its ability and competence to fulfill its mission

Program Overview
Certification Benefits
Certification Credits

ODCC Curriculum Overview

The Organization Development Consulting Certification Program (ODCC) provides participants with an opportunity to gain a certification as an advanced OD Consultant.  Participants develop skills to implement change that impacts the organization to support organization goals, address challenges facing leaders, and gain commitment  to address critical issues facing the organization.

Curriculum Outline

Session 1.  Introduction to ODCC (3 hours)

Action Research Model review with techniques for helping clients through process of change, including managing resistance, gaining buy-in, pitching to the C Suite, fostering collaboration while contracting effectively to achieve the OD objectives. 

Session 2.  Role of the OD Consultant (3 hours)

Strategic consulting skills for becoming an effective OD Consultant: different consultant models, including the humble inquiry model to develop skills, roles, styles and a powerful consulting process including a step-by-step approach and tools. 

Session 3.  Leading Complex Change (3 hours)

Leading Complex Change includes how people react and adapt to change, understand various models and approaches for effective change management, how to diagnose change readiness, understand the gaps and build a change management plan including leading OD interventions during complex change, leveraging complex adaptive systems, managing through chaos and understanding the neuroscience of managing change.

 Session 4.  Implementing Culture Change (3 hours)

Implementing Culture Change centers on models and approaches to culture, culture transformation best practices, assessing the gaps, developing a plan to implement culture change strategies, and leading transformational change for organization goal achievement. 

Session 5.  Organization Systems Design (3 hours)

Organization System Design addresses the foundations of organization design, the process of organization design, and critical organization design interventions to increase the effectiveness of organizations to ensure success and survival in a VUCA environment.  Diagnosing organizations, teams, and individuals using different diagnostic models, questionnaires and tools, selecting appropriate interventions aligning with the diagnosis and executing interventions for individuals, teams and organizations and measuring the impact of interventions. 

Session 6.  Designing and Facilitating Interventions (3 hours)

Designing and Facilitating Interventions focuses on skills and tools to design, plan and facilitate learning events associated with the Action Research Model; Consulting role as a facilitator applying a variety of facilitation approaches for meetings and learning events  to promote senior leader team collaboration. 

Session 7.  Dialogic Organization Development (3 hours)

Dialogic OD differentiates between thinking of organizations as organisms and organizations as conversations - where individual, group, and organizational actions result from self-organizing, socially constructed realities created and sustained by the prevailing narratives, stories, and conversations through which people make meaning about their experiences. Learn Dialogic OD Tools and interventions to be used as part of the OD Consulting process.

Session 8.  OD Analytics, Feedback and Evaluation (3 hours)

OD Analytics applies the bottom-line OD approach to maximize value, increase ROI and achieve measurable outcomes by using analytical tools and methodologies to make OD credible and accountable. Trends and future of OD are considered.

What is required to receive a certification?
  1. Complete the competency assessment and self-development plan.
    Identify your OD strengths and development needs based on the assessment to create your Self Development Plan. 
  2. Attend all 8 online virtual sessions to gain skills, knowledge and behaviors needed to develop proficiency as an OD professional. 
  3. Complete assignments to gain experience and demonstrate your skill ability.  Spend up to 6 hours a month reviewing the material, preparing for each session, planning to implement what you’ve learned and researching topics to gain more insight. Completed assignments are uploaded to the Learning Management System (LMS).
  4. Complete Your Project and Case Study: Select a project and get buy-in from one of your clients/senior leaders. Work on the project while attending sessions during the 8 months. Submit your case study at the end of the program.
  5. Prepare for the Exam: Review the models, theories, tools, and guidelines provided. Study for the open book final exam. 
  6. Complete the Exam: The exam is accessed through the online LMS and includes multiple choice and 5 essay questions which allow you to apply knowledge gained during the program.
  7. Update your Resume and LinkedIn Profile: Add your new certification in the education section of your resume. Upload your digital badge to your professional profiles such as LinkedIn.  Mention your unique skills and your completed projects.
  8. Continue your self-development:  Ongoing learning is crucial- some certifications are valid for three years, other programs required continuous learning to renew the certification.  SHRM, HRCI, ICF, ACMP required up to 24 hours every two years. ATD requires APTD 28 every 3 years and CPTD 60 professional development hours. 
Why should I attend IOD’s OD Certification Program?

IOD has provided OD Certification Programs globally for over 20 years in 30 countries certifying over 7, 000 OD Professionals. Our team of OD professionals have worked in the field of OD as OD Consultants for more than 30 years and share their valuable knowledge and coaching.

Career Growth – We support our participants to advance their careers.  80% of our participants reported they advanced in their career with their current employer before completing the program.  They are promoted and/ or a position is created for them in OD.  Many of their companies realize the need for an OD Department.  We continue to support career growth and ongoing development after they complete the program.  

We offer professional development workshops, GIODN – our global OD professional network group- with monthly events, professional OD Directory, over 65 downloadable OD tools, 

Participants are proud to add their professional credentials to Linkedin and other social media.  This helps recruiters locate potential candidates for OD Positions.  

Our customers are important and we continue to provide updated services such as video recordings, Learning Management System 6 months free membership in GIODN.


How will I develop my skills?

The best learning experience is gained through sharing what you’ve learned with your colleagues and managers and to begin applying the action research model, processes and tools immediately.   

Through our practice activities you will gain insight into your own perceptions, strengthen your human interaction and human dynamics skills needed as an OD professional.  Participants learn how to be mindful of others through use of self, and recognize differences in others, and build trust through interpersonal communication skills such as trust building, asking reflective questions, listening with empathy, supporting the client’s needs, and gaining agreement and buy-in to actions.

ODCC Certification Benefits

  • Build your brand and credibility as an advanced OD Certified Consultant
  • Develop your reputation as a business partner with OD expertise
  • Apply what you learn immediately
  • Advance your career opportunities in the field of OD
  • Six (6) months free membership in GIODN with access to OD tools, professional OD directory, and free virtual events

ODCC Certification Credits

  • ODCC credentials and digital badge to be recognized as an OD Certified Consultant
  • Earn 24 SHRM PDCs
  • 24 HRCI recertification credits
  • 24 ACMP credits


Advance Your Career as an OD Consultant (ODCC)

Watch our webinar to learn more about Organization Development, its history, strategic consulting skills, analytics, and more

Meet The Facilitators

OD Practitioners With Decades of Real-World Experience

Nancy Zentis

Dr. Nancy Zentis


Patricia (Patti) Dammann

Patricia Dammann


Noha Elbanna

Noha El-Banna



Hear What Our Customers Have To Say About Our Programs

Joanie Smiley
The Heritage Group
I have two employees that have been acquiring OD skills from you through IOD programs. I want to first express my gratitude and also complement you on the course content - I am very impressed! I have been in the OD field for over 25 years and appreciate your help in accelerating a couple of very smart but still in-experienced folks on my team.
Luz Rogers
Thank you for your support. Truly appreciate your assistance and all your knowledge. It has been a learning experience and I just hope I can continue to manage OD in a way that speaks volumes of your training session.
Nali Qazi
I have graduated from this program recently and as an OD practitioner have applied every single learning and have seen the value of the tools, approaches, frameworks and discussions in my growth as a professional. I highly recommend the program.
Organization Development Consultant Certification Program

    Organization Development Certified Consultant Certification Program (ODCC)

    In this online program, participants achieve the designation of OD Certified Consultant by learning and practicing advanced OD methodologies, tools, and interventions. This program prepares participants to manage complex change and apply adaptive and dialogic methods to transform cultures. Participants learn to apply analytics and measure the return on investment to help clients achieve organizational success.

    Participants Will:

    • Demonstrate OD’s model for change, using the 7 Phase Action Research Model
    • Recognize and demonstrate OD process consulting roles and styles
    • Identify an effective approach to working with senior leaders to build relationships, teams, and identify problems to lead change
    • Recognize a model for leading complex change and managing uncertainty during VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) situations or events
    • Demonstrate Dialogic OD Methods, an alternative approach to the classic OD Action Research Model of Plan Change
    • Demonstrate advanced facilitation methods to guide leaders and stakeholders to manage and lead sustainable organizational change
    • Recognize organization design processes and critical interventions to increase organization effectiveness to ensure survival in a VUCA environment
    • Identify several models and approaches to assess the current culture to analyze the need for change; develop a plan to deploy cultural transformation strategies
    • Recognize how to apply and present analytical tools and methodologies to measure the outcomes of OD interventions


    Benefits of ODCC Certification:

    • Gain the credentials “ODCC” and earn the distinction as an advanced OD Consultant
    • Earn greater opportunities as an OD Consultant
    • Learn advanced tools in the field of OD
    • Become competent in using advanced OD Consultant Applications
    • Gain global recognition as an expert in the field of OD
    • Earn 24 HRCI Credits and 24 SHRM – PDUs for recertification

    *Program Prerequisite

    In order to qualify for the ODCC program, you must meet at least one of the following requirements:

    • You must be a graduate of the ODCP program or
    • You must have 5+ years of experience in HR, Learning, Business and OD and you must have a thorough understanding of the Action Research Model and Systems Theory
    • To bypass the  ODCP program  pre-requisite,  you must demonstrate that you have a full understanding of the Action Research Model, Systems Theory and Change Application and have helped a client implement change.  APPLY HERE

    Certification Requirements

    • Attend all the 8 sessions
    • Complete all assignments after each session
    • Demonstrate 5-10 OD Interventions
    • Work with a Client to complete an OD project
    • Present a case study on the project
    • Complete a self-development plan to track your professional growth

    The cost of the ODCC Certification Program is $3,900.00 USD.

    Resources Provided

    • One-on-one coaching
    • Participant Materials for each session – Slides, Participant Guide, and Handouts
    • Comprehensive list of OD publications and references
    • Upon completion, you will receive an official certification and a digital badge to display your distinction as an “ODCC”

    Features of IOD’s Certification Programs

    • Convenient

      • Connect from anywhere to the online meetings
      • Interactive sessions with experienced OD practitioners in an instructor led format
      • Virtual sessions meet once a month on the same day of the month and at the same time
    • Flexible

      • Program schedule is flexible enough to cover multiple time zones/regions
      • We understand workplace and personal demands. In some cases we can accommodate for make-up sessions so you won’t miss the learning experience. (Maximum of 2 make up sessions.)
    • Affordable

    Course Outline:

    Session 1: Introduction to the Action Research Model

    Demonstrate the 7 phases of the Action Research Model – Entry, Contracting, Data Collection and Analysis, Feedback Reporting, Action Planning, Creating Interventions and Exit and Termination.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Serve as a strategic partner to the leadership team to build a world-class culture and facilitate culture transformation to support business growth and success
    • Develop the required OD strategies to support organization growth and success and to deliver world class people solutions
    • Provides strategic guidance and advice to all levels of leadership on how to implement organizational change, increase effectiveness and health
    • Successfully operate as a Global OD Consultant across borders and cultures to diagnose and design OD Solutions to deliver the business & people agenda of the organization


    Session 2:  Role of the OD Consultant

    OD consulting roles, skills and process, humble inquiry overview and application

     Learning Objectives:

    • Describe the role of the OD Process Consultant
    • Identify OD Process Consulting behaviors and determine which best support client needs
    • Define the purpose of Humble Inquiry
    • Identify types of Humility and InquiryConsulting & Humble Inquiry techniques
    • Build positive relationships by applying Process


    Session 3:  Leading Complex Change

    Complex change overview, VUCA challenges in change, core change components, implementing complex change, tools to lead change

     Learning Objectives

    • Partner with senior leaders to lead & guide them through complex change
    • Apply the VUCA Model and create a strategy to address the challenges of change across the organization
    • Identify core change components and apply them to your organization
    • Utilize the “Passmore Model” to manage complex change in your organization
    • Implement key OD tools to ensure change in the organization succeeds (Kaleidoscope, ADKAR Model, & Visioning)


    Session 4:  Dialogic OD

    Dialogic OD overview and methodology, dialogic OD models and interventions

    Learning Objectives:

    • Identify the differences between Diagnostic OD and Dialogic OD and select the appropriate approach to fit the needs of your organization
    • Engage your employees in interactive dialogues and processes to generate new ways of thinking and acting
    • Define your role as a consultant when implementing Dialogic OD interventions
    • Utilize dialogic tools to maximize the levels of innovation and effectiveness across the organization (Whole Systems Transformation, Appreciative Inquiry, and World Café)


    Session 5:  Designing and Facilitating Learning Events

    Role of OD facilitator role, OD facilitation competencies, design facilitated events, demonstrate use of facilitation tools and techniques.

     Learning Objectives:

    • Define the role of the OD facilitator
    • Identify facilitation competencies and distinguish your individual strengths and development needs; Create a Development Plan to increase your facilitation skills.
    • Utilize a set of tools to manage group processes and maximize your effectiveness as a facilitator.
    • Apply OD Facilitation Toolkit to support your organization’s needs


    Session 6:  Organization System Design

    Organization systems overview, 7 S model – diagnose organization systems, Weisbord model – organization alignment, select and implement intervention

    Learning Objectives:

    • Differentiate between the organizational systems
    • Recognize the 7-S model and apply their elements in the context of: organizational change, organizational alignment
    • Diagnose organization systems
    • Recognize how to improve organization systems
    • Identify six types of interventions
    • Identify the steps to implement an intervention


    Session 7:  Implementing Culture Change

    Culture change overview and models, assess current culture, integrate culture changes with business objectives

     Learning Objectives:

    • Recognize several culture models
    • Identify culture change opportunities
    • Assess current culture
    • Recognize how to implement culture change
    • Integrate culture improvements with business objectives


    Session 8:  Evaluation, Future of OD, Case Studies

    Measure and evaluate outcomes, future trends in OD, case study presentations

     Learning Objectives:

    • Measure and evaluate the outcomes of OD interventions
    • Recognize the trends and future in OD
    • Participants will present their case studies demonstrating the OD Action Research Process and applications learned in Advanced ODCC Program


    Online Sessions — How does it work?


    • Over the course of 8 months, you will attend a monthly 3 hour session to learn new consulting tools, practice new skills, demonstrate advanced consulting techniques, and receive feedback from skilled OD Consultants
    • This program is offered 100% online, meeting for 3 hours each month. The total investment for the program includes all participant materials and exam fees
    • Once you register, you will receive confirmation of all meeting dates and times. Each session is facilitated live by an experienced OD Consultant
    • You will complete a self development plan and identify a client project to work on during the program
    • In addition, you will complete a variety of assignments each month related to the topic discussed during each session
    • At the end of the program you will complete an exam and case study demonstrating your advanced OD skills