HRBP Online Certification Program

“Historically, many within the HR Profession have lamented the lack of respect and acknowledgement for the services they provide. Now opportunity is banging at the door of every HR Function to reverse that situation. The need to be more strategic and business-linked is evident.” – J Robinson, and D Robinson, Strategic Business Partner

The Human Resource Business Partner Certification Program (HRBP) provides participants with skills, tools, and practical application to advance in their role as an HR Business Partner.  Participants demonstrate their role as an HRBP and the importance of supporting HR Strategies, issues, and challenges to support business goals.  The HRBP program prepares participants to be an advocate for employees and represent HR as an advisor to the leadership team on current and future HR business needs.  Participants recognize their role in creating a Human Resource Strategic Plan and their role as a Change Agent to implement the change and apply HR analytics to measure outcomes.

If you are interested in gaining this certification in the field of HR Business Partner to advance your career potential!  Register today!

Benefits of HRBP Certification

  • Build your brand and become certified as a Certified HR Business Partner
  • Become a catalyst of change in your organization and lead change management initiatives effectively
  • Sharpen your HR Business Partner skills and apply what you learn immediately in your current role
  • Receive a digital badge and certification for promoting your HRBP Distinction on social media
  • Earn 24 HRCI Credits and 24 SHRM PDUs

Who Should Take This Online HR Certification:

  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Talent Management Professionals
  • Learning and Development Professionals
  • Those seeking career advancement in the field of HR and Organization Development


  • Degree in HR or other related field
  • 1-3 years’ experience in the field of HR or OD
  • Advancing or currently in an HR Business Partner Role
  • Transitioning from another role into HR Business Partner Role

Certification Requirements

  • Attend all 8 sessions
  • Complete all assignments
  • Complete self-development plan
  • Complete a final examination
  • Upon completion of these requirements, you will receive your printable certificate via email and digital badge

Online Sessions

Online Sessions are 3 hours long and meet once a month. Once you register, you will receive confirmation of all meeting dates and times. Each session is facilitated live by an experienced OD Consultant.

The cost of the HRBP Certification Program is $3,900.00 USD

Resources Provided:

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Participant Materials for each session – Slides, Participant Guide, and Handouts
  • Comprehensive list of HR publications and references
  • Upon completion, you will receive an official certification and digital badge to display

Features of IOD’s Certification Programs

  • Convenient

    • Connect from anywhere to the online meetings
    • Interactive sessions with experienced OD practitioners in an instructor led format
    • Virtual sessions meet once a month on the same day of the month and at the same time
  • Flexible

    • Program schedule is flexible enough to cover multiple time zones/regions
    • We understand the workplace and personal demands, in some cases we can accommodate for make-up sessions so you won’t miss the learning experience
    • One-on-one coaching
    • Participant Materials for each session – Slides, Participant Guide, and Handouts
    • Comprehensive list of OD publications and references
    • Upon completion, you will receive an official certification and a digital badge to display your distinction as an “HRBP”
  • Affordable

    • Group discount available for groups of 5 or more.
    • Special discount for referrals and additional courses.

Program Sessions:

1. Understanding the HR Business Partner  Role

Understanding the “How to Create a HR Business System Model”, Recognize the Role of the HR Business Partner and a foundations of Partnership, HRBP Competency Requirements, Your role in supporting leaders and being a champion for employees

2. Know the Business

Know the culture, vision, mission, values, goals, and key decision makers. Be aware of changes and areas that need support, advise and support from senior leaders on HR Initiatives. Support the implementation. Learn how to develop partnerships and influencing skills to build relationships.

3. HR Business Partner Role

Establish yourself as an HR Business Partners to Senior Leaders.  Know your role as an HR expert and offer support and guidance on HR Strategies and Issues.  Influence leaders to align HR with the business and develop relationships to build trust and credibility and establish rapport.

4. HRBP Consulting Role

Recognize your role as a HR consultant helping clients, leading HR change initiatives planning, facilitating planning meetings, implementing change, and measuring results.

5. Strategic Planning Role

Become more effective helping senior leaders implement changes by using a strategic planning approach to create a vision, mission, conduct a SWOT, identify priorities, set goals, and develop a action plan to ensure plans are executed.

6. Become a Change Agent

Partnering with leaders, teams, and stakeholders to implement a sustainable change process and support overcoming resistance to change.

7. HR Analytics

Understand the value of HR metrics and how to measure results. Develop metrics that aligned to organization strategy, determine which metrics are relevant to your organization, know how to compose a scorecard and measure results.

8. Being an Employee Advocate, Leading Innovation and Technology

Realize your role as an innovator in HR, and how to encourage innovation to solve problems, challenge the status quo, and find unique ways to disrupt old ways of thinking. Recognize the role of HR in the new technological age.

Program Learning Objectives:

  • Understand HRBP role in analyzing, creating, supporting, and managing the HR business system
  • Recognize the Employee Champion role to represent and communicate employee needs
  • Be the Champion for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belongingness
  • Support and advise senior leaders on HR initiatives to achieve organization goals
  • Act as a change agent to lead critical change initiatives involvement employee wellness, changing workplace culture, recruiting, onboarding, career development, and other major challenges facing HR today.
  • Consult with senior leaders to help them achieve HR goals and use metrics to provide feedback and measure outcomes
  • Understand the new role of HR in innovation and technology

Professional Development Enhancement

  • It is suggested that participants complete 2-3 additional courses yearly to continue with their professional growth.

I, like most professionals attempting to keep skills relevant, can be daunting. When I researched an organization development certification path, I was not aware of the Institute of Organization Development. After reading the material on the website I felt that it would be a good organization to achieve relevant competencies to meet demands of a constantly changing workforce and organizational environments. The IOD courses are taught by experienced professionals who share vast knowledge of organizational methods, discuss resources such as texts, articles, authors, and organizational models of OD.

The best experience I have had in attending the IOD courses is how personable the facilitators are, how knowledgeable they are, and how they summon the knowledge and experiences of all learners to share with the group. As a previous college Dean, I quickly realized that these courses were a perfect match of academic research and practical application for a private or public sector environment. I have met learners who reside in other countries who share their organizational development and HR Business Partner experiences from a global perspective. I would have never known that these similarities existed if I had not taken IOD courses. You gain the connections and tools necessary to start, improve, or expand your HR/OD consulting expertise from an internal and external perspective of the organization.

I highly recommend IOD for any professional who wants to have an in-depth experience into organization development and how to apply new strategies and methods to expand your impact in every organization you come in contact with.  The value proposition of the IOD courses are a wise investment into a prosperous future.


Bill Thompson, MSHRM, MALS, SHRM-SCP

Organizational Development & Training Analyst

Human Resources Department

City of Fort Myers, Florida

“Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value” – Albert Einstein

The HRBP helped me to apply learnings in my current role by being proactive versus reactive and providing solutions to the teams I worked with has been increased.  I am viewed as a trusted advisor and a leader on my teams. This program provided specifics as to what an HRBP is outside of the definition.  Great examples and shared learnings from a group perspective.  Many skills were learned and I think a very important skill of the HRBP role is relationship building.  My facilitator, Toni Ford shared her experiences which brought the concepts to life. –Would recommend it highly.

This course provided me with a holistic overview on different HR methodologies and practices that I was able to apply in my current role as an Organizational development manager( Partnering with all business stakeholders 7 understanding the business). I am new in this role and having new tools to support my COO has allowed me to show her what an HRBP can do as a partner.  One of the skills that has resonated with me was learning to be a Partner not a point of transaction.

I was able to demonstrate HR/OD processes such as Learn the Business – understanding the Culture, identified the HR Vision, Mission, Values, Goals,  which go in line with the organization wide strategy. I was able to capture the areas that need support, advise and support senior leaders on HR Initiatives, Support the implementation, and  Learn how to develop partnerships and influencing skills to build relationships.

I was recently promoted to a HRBP role so the information I received throughout the training was invaluable. Each week’s lesson seemed to fit exactly with what was going on in our organization at that time and I was able to apply each lesson immediately. It was as if the course was designed specifically for me and our organization.

I learned the importance having a good understanding of the business and to utilize change management models. Business acumen plays an important role as I worked with leaders to support their strategic imperatives and develop their employees for the future. Our company just rolled out an initiative which we branded “#FutureReady”. We are preparing our people for the future and I will use the skills learned in these training sessions to assist me.

I am new in my role as a HRBP and this class has provided a good foundation of knowledge and tools that I look forward to utilizing as I develop in my role.

This program has helped me in so many ways.  One major takeaway was that I was able to appropriate with my client in a way that has made significant changes in how I am able to partner with teams.  I feel that my knowledge base is much more well rounded and I am more of an asset to my organization.

This program supported my career growth by being able to partner with my client in a whole new way.  I was able to help my client base successfully navigate through a massive change and ensure the work was being done in a way that was best for the business while still being a champion for the employee.