HRBP Online Certification Program

“Historically, many within the HR Profession have lamented the lack of respect and acknowledgement for the services they provide. Now opportunity is banging at the door of every HR Function to reverse that situation. The need to be more strategic and business-linked is evident.” – J Robinson, and D Robinson, Strategic Business PartnerHRBP

The HRBP Certification Program is designed to help participants learn to consult and partner with their clients to develop strategies, manage change, improve processes, solve problems, resolve conflicts, and improve relationships.

Participants will examine how HR departments have transformed and redesigned their resources by employing business and OD skills to become a strategic partner and leader. Participants will learn proven skills and tools to help turbo-charge the organization’s growth results by boosting their consulting capabilities and facilitation skills to develop for strategic partnerships with senior leaders.

Learn to collaborate with your internal clients and develop solutions to business challenges. The HRBP Certification Program will help participants to become a Business Partner which will add value to themselves, their functions and their organizations.

If you are interested in gaining this certification in the field of OD to advance your career potential!  Register today!

Here are the benefits of gaining an HRBP Certification

  • Build your brand as a certified HR Business Partner
  • Apply proven methodology to create a solid HR Strategy plan
  • Begin applying new concepts and skills immediately in your job
  • Influence leadership with expert advise
  • Become a catalyst of change in your organization
  • Lead change management initiatives effectively
  • Impact the bottom line of the organization with results
  • Sharpen your facilitation and conflict management skills
  • Apply what you learn immediately in your current role
  • Earn 24 HRCI Credits
  • Receive 24 SHRM PDCs for recertification
  • Gain the credential “HRBP” to be recognized as a Certified HR Business Partner

Who Should Take This Online HR Certification:

  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Talent Management Professionals
  • Training and Development Professionals
  • OD Professionals

Online Sessions

This Certification Program will be delivered as an online program over the course of 8 months, meeting once per month, for three hours each session.

Once you register, you will receive confirmation of all meeting dates and times. Each session is facilitated live by an experienced HR Consultant.

Certification Requirements

  • Attend all 8 sessions
  • Complete all assignments
  • Complete self-development plan
  • Complete a final examination
  • Upon completion of these requirements, you will receive your certificate via email

Online Sessions

Online Sessions are 3 hours long and meet once a month. Once you register, you will receive confirmation of all meeting dates and times. Each session is facilitated live by an experienced OD Consultant.

The cost of this course is $3,800.00 USD.


Features of IOD’s Certification Programs

  • Convenient
    • Connect from anywhere to the online meetings
    • Interactive sessions with experienced OD practitioners in an instructor led format
    • Virtual sessions meet once a month on the same day of the month and at the same time
  • Flexible
    • Program schedule is flexible enough to cover multiple time zones/regions
    • We understand the workplace and personal demands, in some cases we can accommodate for make-up sessions so you won’t miss the learning experience
  • Affordable
    • Group discount available for groups of 5 or more.
    • Individual payment options might be available upon request
    • Special discount for referrals and additional courses.

Learning Objective:

  • Understand the role of the HR Business Partner, skills & competencies required and HRBP Models by Thought Leaders
  • Learn Partnering Skills to influence, gain commitment & buy-in from Business Leaders
  • Learn to become an Internal Consultant in Action by diagnosing challenges, developing & deploying interventions, measuring impact
  • Learn Coaching and Facilitation Skills to provide coaching and conduct effective meetings, training sessions, and feedback sessions.
  • Learn to manage change by partnering with leaders, teams, and stakeholders to create a sustainable change process.
  • Learn to manage projects, reinforce change and overcome resistance.
  • Learn problem solving and negotiation skills, how to evaluating and Measuring Success.
  • Participants complete an assessment, and development plan to identify the areas for development.
  • Participants work on real business challenges while developing new skills and competencies.
  • Participants receive coaching and feedback in a comfortable environment to support their new role.

Course Outline:

  1. HR Business Partnering Foundations – This session will help the participants to understand the evolution of the HR Function till date and understanding the context & role of the HR Business Partner in the 21st century. Participants will learn HR Business Partner Models, learn to conduct a Gap Analysis and steps to become strategic and align the HR Business Partner role with Business.
  2. Becoming a Business Partner – Before becoming a HR Business partner, it’s about becoming a Business Partner. This session will help the participant to develop the building blocks for becoming a Business Partner focused on developing rapport & empathy, establish & maintain trust and build credibility for themselves and the function. The session will help participants learn how to navigate politics and influence leaders to gain commitment and Buy-in.
  3. Becoming a Consultant in Action – This session will help participants to learn the importance of consulting skills for becoming an effective HR Business Partner. Participants will learn about the different consultant roles, different consulting styles and a powerful consulting process including a step by step approach and a tool to use. This session will help participants to manage resistance in organizations and to leverage the strengths of the organization through Appreciative Inquiry.HR Consultative Process–Process vs expert, Interviewing and collecting data, Collect and Analyze data, Provide feedback to partners, Communicate results, Follow Through on implementation plans
  4. Becoming an Executive Coach – Participants will learn critical skills to become an Executive Coach and will learn about the importance of Coaching Skills for HR Business Partners, coaching competencies, 3 different types of coaching and powerful coaching models. The session will help participants to implement a Coaching Culture in their organizations and achieve clear coaching outcomes.
  5. Becoming a Change Champion – Managing and facilitating change is such an integral part of the HR Business Partner role. In this session participants will learn about managing change, the eight questions which employees need answers for, stages of change, facilitating change for individuals & organizations and the multi-faceted approach to change specific to HR Business Partners. Participants will learn to partner with leaders, teams, and stakeholders to implement a sustainable change process.
  6. Becoming a Facilitator & Employee Champion – This session will help the participants to learn how to become a master Facilitator by learning the critical tools and skills expected of effective HR Business Partners. Participants will learn to facilitate a creative visioning process, the facilitator process model, managing disruptive behaviors, facilitation tools & tips and to nurture a High Performing team. The session will help participants to become an Employee Champion and learn powerful employee engagement models, enhancing the voice of employees and employee experience.
  7. HR Analytics and Project Management – This session will help participants to learn how to leverage HR Analytics to increase the impact of the HR Business Partner role. The participants will learn about the HR Analytics Frameworks, measures for the HR Function, list of metrics, developing a HR dashboard and measuring the return on investment. The session will also teach participants critical project management tools to drive HR Projects with effectiveness and manage conflicts at work.
  8. HR Business Partner Operational Excellence – The HR Business partners can be effective only if the HR Processes are working effectively. This session will help the participants to learn powerful tools and processes to drive operational excellence and ensure the HRBP Function delivers to meet the expectations of the Business. This session will bring all the learning together to help gain an integrated understanding for becoming a HR Business Partner ready to partner with the business and deliver the goals effectively in a VUCA World.

Each session will have the relevant self assessments to increase self-awareness, tools, templates & questionnaires to facilitate implementation at work, practical models to increase understanding & conceptual clarity and case studies to bring the learning to life.

Additional Resources Provided:

  • 8 Participant guides, one for each session
  • Complete set of the presentation slides each month
  • Access to over 30 guidelines and templates
  • Comprehensive list of HR publications and references.
  • Up to 6 hours of coaching and mentoring with an experienced HR Business Partner
  • Access to career opportunities and referrals through our social media notifications
  • Access to our weekly updates and articles
  • Preferred alumni registration and discounts for additional certification programs


Professional Development Requirements

  • It is suggested that participants complete 2-3 additional courses yearly to keep their certification up to date.