Organization Development Certification Program

The Organization Development Certification Program is designed to help participants gain practical skills to advance in the field of Organization Development. Participants earn the distinction as an Organization Development Certified Professional (ODCP).

Through the Organization Development Certification Program, participants learn how to apply the concepts of OD by using the Action Research Model, OD’s model for change, and OD Consulting skills, to help clients identify needs and solve critical business challenges using a whole systems approach.

In each of the program sessions, participants practice by using OD tools to learn how to develop a client relationship, gain senior leader buy-in, create contract criteria, identify data collection techniques, conduct feedback and action planning sessions, measure results, recognize change models, identify systems thinking and learning organizations, improve organization systems, and integrate sustainable change processes into the culture for ongoing renewal.

The OD Certification Program is offered online, for an 8 month period, meeting 3 hours per month. Each session provides participants with tools, guidelines and interactive activities to practice OD. Participants network with each other to share valuable insights. IOD’s experienced facilitators lead each session and provide coaching in between sessions. Participants complete assignments and case studies to practice the skills learned during each session. A final exam is provided at the end of the program to complete the certification process.

If you are interested in gaining a certification in the field of OD to advance your career potential!  Register today!

Benefits of an ODCP Certification

  • Build your brand as an OD internal/external professional
  • Apply proven methodology to create a solid transformation plan
  • Begin applying OD principles immediately in your job
  • Influence leadership with expert advice
  • Become a catalyst of change in your organization
  • Lead change management initiatives effectively
  • Impact the bottom line of the organization with results
  • Sharpen your facilitation and contracting skills
  • Earn 24 HRCI credits and 24 SHRM – PDU’s for recertification
  • Gain the credential “ODCP” to be recognized as an OD professional

Who Should Take This Online OD Certification:

  • 4+ years experience & degree in the field of HR, L&D, TM, OD, Change Management. Responsible for leading change interventions and implementing change. Prerequisite for ODCC.
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Talent Management Professionals
  • Training and Development Professionals
  • OD Professionals

Certification Requirements

  • Attend all 8 sessions over an eight-month period
  • Complete all assignments
  • Complete a case study
  • Complete self-development plan
  • Complete a final examination
  • Upon completion of these requirements, you will receive your certificate via email

Online Sessions

Online Sessions are 3 hours long and meet once a month on the same day (e.g.,2nd Tuesday of the month). Once you register, you will receive confirmation of all meeting dates and times. Each session is facilitated live by an experienced OD Consultant.

The cost of this online ODCP Certification Program is $3,900.00 USD


Resources Provided:

  • Complete set of participant guides and presentation slides, one for each session
  • OD Professional Competency Assessment (a “must do” assessment instrument as you immerse in the field of OD!)
  • Access to case studies, OD toolkit, change management toolkit, and facilitator toolkit, sample assessments, over 30 guidelines and templates
  • Comprehensive list of OD publications and references
  • Up to 6 hours of coaching and mentoring with an experienced OD practitioner
  • Official program certificate and digital badge to use as OD Certified Professional distinction
  • Access to Institute OD Linked-in group and international network of OD Professionals
  • Preferred alumni registration and discount for additional certification programs


Features of IOD’s Certification Programs

  • Convenient

    • Connect from anywhere to the online meetings
    • Interactive sessions with experienced OD practitioners in an instructor led format
    • Virtual sessions meet once a month on the same day of the month and at the same time
  • Flexible

    • Program schedule is flexible enough to cover multiple time zones/regions
    • We understand the workplace and personal demands In some cases we can accommodate for make-up sessions so you won’t miss the learning experience. (Maximum of 2 make-up sessions)
  • Affordable

Program Sessions

1. Introduction To Organization Development

OD overview and core concepts, role of OD professional, OD definitions, OD history and pioneers, values and OD ethics

2. Action Research Model – Entry and Contracting

Entry, contracting, practicing entry, creating contracts

3. Action Research Model – Data Collection and Analysis

Action Research Model review, foundations of data collection, data collection process, designing data collection instruments, analyzing data, practicing data collection/analysis

4. Action Research Model –Preparing and Facilitating Feedback

Action Research Model Review, creating a feedback report, planning a feedback meeting, facilitating and debriefing a feedback meeting, following up after the feedback meeting

5. Action Research Model – Strategic Action Planning

Action Research Model Review – Action Planning overview, creating vision and mission statements, conducting SWOT Analysis, identifying actions and project planning, applying facilitation tools

6. Action Research Model – Designing and Implementing Interventions

Action Research Model Review – McKinsey’s 7 S Model, identifying and selecting, interventions, role of OD Consultant, designing interventions, creating implementation plans

7. Action Research Model – Sustaining Change

Foundational elements of change, assessing the need for change, change models and tools, overcoming resistance to change

8. Action Research Model – Maintenance, Transfer of Learning, Evaluation and Separation

Maintenance, transfer, separation, Systems Thinking, supporting core disciplines, evaluating outcomes

For more details, See Our Brochure

Advanced Certification

  • After completing this course, you may want to advance your skills to the next level and are invited to complete the Advanced OD Consultant’s Certification Program (ODCC).

Professional Development Requirements

  • It is suggested that participants complete 2-3 additional courses yearly to keep their certification up to date.

Organizationally, there are many opportunities. I am so grateful for the chance to participate in this program and learn tools and methods to become more confident in my role and have the knowledge and credibility to make changes. I did leave the name of my FI out as a means to conceal identification. Thank you for your support and incredible program.

Laurie Peterson, ODCP

Laurie Peterson

VP, Associate Engagement

I, like most professionals attempting to keep skills relevant, can be daunting. When I researched an organization development certification path, I was not aware of the Institute of Organization Development. After reading the material on the website I felt that it would be a good organization to achieve relevant competencies to meet demands of a constantly changing workforce and organizational environments. The IOD courses are taught by experienced professionals who share vast knowledge of organizational methods, discuss resources such as texts, articles, authors, and organizational models of OD.The best experience I have had in attending the IOD courses is how personable the facilitators are, how knowledgeable they are, and how they summon the knowledge and experiences of all learners to share with the group. As a previous college Dean, I quickly realized that these courses were a perfect match of academic research and practical application for a private or public sector environment. I have met learners who reside in other countries who share their organizational development and HR Business Partner experiences from a global perspective. I would have never known that these similarities existed if I had not taken IOD courses. You gain the connections and tools necessary to start, improve, or expand your HR/OD consulting expertise from an internal and external perspective of the organization.I highly recommend IOD for any professional who wants to have an in-depth experience into organization development and how to apply new strategies and methods to expand your impact in every organization you come in contact with.  The value proposition of the IOD courses are a wise investment into a prosperous future.Respectfully,

Bill Thompson, MSHRM, MALS, SHRM-SCPOrganizational Development & Training Analyst

Human Resources Department City of Fort Myers, Florida

“Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value” – Albert Einstein

Dr. Zentis,

I want to take a moment to say thank you for an outstanding experience in my recent ODCP B101 certification program.

Throughout the experience, I was continually impressed with the knowledge of Toni (and Patti, since I hopped onto one of her sessions as a make-up), her responsiveness, and the amount of resources that have been provided.  It was more than I bargained for, and I am better because of it!  Aside from the materials, Toni was full of great quotes and one-liners that really engaged my learning – I have a OneNote page full of them!  The one that struck me the most was “Your next problem could be imbedded in your current solution.”  I’ve found that to be true!

Thank you again for this exceptionally well-run certification and all the work from the entire staff that goes into making it successful!

Caleb M. Daughhetee  Manager, Organizational Development

Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc.

“I am one of the students who just completed the B101 cohort of the Organization Development Certification Program (ODCP). Toni, thank you so much for a wonderful delivery these past 8 months!  The sessions flew by so fast!My professional profile, knowledge and skills has received a boost since starting and completing this program. I am looking forward to formally adding the initials ODCP to my name”. 

Thank you and do have a good day!


Dr. Evelyn Brisibe PMP, CBAPSenior Performance Excellence Advisor

“I took the ODCP certification program from the Institute of Organization Development to refresh the knowledge I learned in my MBA program. I was pleasantly surprised by the abundance of knowledge offered.  It provides a thorough overview of the profession, covering history, theory and practical tools.  The format of the lessons allows for you to have a reference set of knowledge to handle any OD project at your company or client organization.  Nancy Zentis was my instructor and she provided many anecdotal stories to bring the concepts alive, supplementing the theory with practical examples.  After the class, I’ve enjoyed being a part of the community, especially the book club.  The books and speakers provide relevant and timely information for the participants.  If you want to learn more about Organization Development and have a ready to go toolkit, I highly recommend the program”.

August 6, 2020

Sheri Betts, MBA, ODCP, PCC

Performance & Organizational Development Department

“My professional background has evolved from HR to Training and now Organizational Development.  I felt that OD was the next career path for me to take as the next professional chapter in my life.  I had looked at many programs, including Masters in OD, but due to logistics, this made more sense.  I felt like I was receiving my Master’s degree in OD, but only having to take the core classes, which was perfect.  The convenience of having it offered online was a bonus to me and the costs were reasonable.  My instructor was very well versed in the OD arena and had worked many roles in this field, so she had so much to offer.  I was able to have one-on-one time after each class with my instructor to discuss my homework so that I thoroughly understood the topic of the month.  I wish it was offered twice a month to allow more in-depth discussion, however, no matter what, I am thrilled I chose this Certification in OD program.”  Stephanie Maat

“Very relevant – as I am submitting an action plan template next Monday on how to propose our engagement survey that closed this week.  These plans shape group engagement plans for the entire year”.

“A lot of what I have done has been informal and organic; however, now that I am learning (real) terms, tools, methods and models, I am already more effective. This program is exactly what I need – Thanks!”

“Thank you so much for all of the teachings and learnings.  I incorporate it daily”.

“Thank you so very much for facilitating this course over the past 9 months and for coaching me.  It has been a great learning experience”.

“The ODCP program gave me a “road map” that empowered me with a step-by-step process to lead change initiatives. I’ve had 3 major O.D. projects that I’ve been working on while going through the ODCP training:

  1. Clarify the top 3-5 values of our organization
  2. Architect and implement a leadership development pipeline
  3. Design a career path for one of our departments

The principles I learned are helping me engage leaders with a process that draws out the best decisions, while generating maximum ownership. I have been transformed through this certification process—enabling me to become a better transformational leader for the organization. If it were not for this ODCP training, I would have left some major gaping holes in some of our change initiatives!”

“Now I feel much more capable to label and market myself as an O.D. professional. I will have options to grow where I’m currently working, or expand influence into another larger role elsewhere, or even launch my own consulting business in the future with greater credibility.”

“This has truly been a transformational experience for me. The O.D. process has come alive to me—now that I’m better equipped with some great tools to proceed forward. With increased competence, comes increased confidence. I appreciate the crucial role you played through this growth process in my personal and professional life.”

Sam Day, Organizational Development Specialist