The OD Process Professional Certification Program is an excellent opportunity for those new to Organization Development who are interested in advancing quickly in their career.  If you would like to grow your career path in OD, this is the first step.  After you’ve mastered this program, we recommend our intermediate certification – the ODCP program.

This program will help you gain skills to lead project teams, influence senior leaders, facilitate meetings, mediate conflict, build high performing teams, and grow your reputation as a working partner using OD consulting skills.  Our past participants value the hands on approach and tools they received as well as skills learned through practical experience.

The OD Process Professional Certification Program is offered online, over 8 months, meeting 3 hours per month.  Each session provides participants with usable toolkits, guidelines, assessments, and templates.  Participants practice their skills through case studies, role plays, and activities to promote interaction. Each session is facilitated live with an experienced OD professional.  Following each session, participants complete assignments and case studies to practice the skills learned during the session. An online final exam is provided at the end of the program to complete the certification process.

Participants will receive 8 comprehensive process consultant participant guides, slides, process consultant tools, resources, and references.

If you are interested in gaining certification as an OD Process Professional, Register today!

This program is recommended as the first step for those new to Organization Development.


Benefits of an OD Process Professional Certification Program:

  • Build your reputation and credibility
  • Distinguish yourself as an OD Professional Certified Professional
  • Gain access to useful tools and resources
  • Gain experience in facilitating meetings and coaching others
  • Apply what you learn immediately in your current role
  • Receive 24 SHRM and HRCI Credits towards recertification


Online Sessions:

Online Sessions meet for 3 hours, once a month, over 8 consecutive months. Sessions meet on the same day each month. (e.g.: 2nd Tuesday of the month). Once you register, you will receive confirmation of all meeting dates and times.

Who Should Take This Certification:

  • 1-3 years experience and related degree in the field of HR, L&D, OD or TM.  Some experience as a working partner on project teams and supporting leaders
  • HR Business Partners
  • HR Professionals
  • Talent Management Professionals
  • Learning and Development Professionals
  • OD Professionals
  • Change Agents
  • New Entrants to the field of OD


Certification Requirements

  • Attend all 8 sessions over an eight-month period
  • Complete all assignments
  • Complete self-development plan
  • Complete a final examination

Upon completion of these requirements, you will receive your certificate via email

Online Sessions

Online Sessions are 3 hours long and meet once a month on the same day (e.g.,2nd Tuesday of the month). Once you register, you will receive confirmation of all meeting dates and times. Each session is facilitated live by an experienced OD Consultant.

The cost of the online ODPC Certification Program is $3,900.00 USD

Resources Provided:

  • Complete set of participant guides and presentation slides, one for each session
  • OD Professional Competency Assessment (a must do assessment instrument as you immerse in the field of OD!)
  • Access to OD toolkit, change management toolkit, and facilitator toolkit, over 30 guidelines and templates
  • Comprehensive list of OD publications and references
  • Up to 6 hours of coaching and mentoring with an experienced OD practitioner
  • Official program certificate and distinction as OD Process Professional


Features of IOD’s Certification Programs

  • Convenient
    • Connect from anywhere to the online meetings
    • Interactive sessions with experienced OD practitioners in an instructor led format
    • Virtual sessions meet once a month on the same day of the month and at the same time
  • Flexible
    • Program schedule is flexible enough to cover multiple time zones/regions
    • We understand the workplace and personal demands.  In some cases we can accommodate for make-up sessions so you won’t miss the learning experience. (Maximum 2 make-up sessions)
  • Affordable

Program Sessions:

1. Introduction and Overview of Organization Development

Understand the definitions and history of OD. Learn your strengths and development needs through OD competencies. Define your personal values and ethics, and those of your organization.

2. Role of the OD Professional — Building the Helping Relationship

Understand the definitions and history of OD. Learn your strengths and development needs through OD competencies. Define your personal values and ethics, and those of your organization.

3. Developing an OD Mindset

Develop OD Mindfulness by learning how to apply Emotional Intelligence and implement active listening and questioning techniques.

4. Entry, Contracting, Influence Skills

OD Process Consulting Model overview, entry and contracting phase, influencing overview and influence model

5. Coaching and Managing Conflict

Coaching overview, coaching steps and discussion guide, coaching model, conflict management overview model and discussion steps.

6. Planning Meetings and Developing Teams

Overview of facilitation, planning and facilitating meetings, applying facilitation tools, building and developing teams.

7. Managing Change

Change overview, diagnosing the need for change, change models, tools to overcome resistance to change.

8. Closing Out Projects and Measuring Results

Closing out projects, knowledge transfer project maintenance and evaluating results.


Advanced Certification

  • After completing this course, advance your skills to the next level by completing the ODCP Program. After you’ve completed both of these certification programs, you will be invited to complete the Advanced OD Consultant’s Certification Program (ODCC).

Professional Development Enhancement

  • It is suggested that participants complete 2-3 additional courses yearly to continue with their professional growth.

“I am so glad I participated in the ODPC program. It was very interactive and engaging. What I learned from the instructor and the group conversations is equal to years of experience. Now I have the tools and the confidence I need to succeed as an OD professional”.

Adriene Summers

“I was able to practice OD immediately after each session”.

“I applied the tools and skills learned while my organization was going through a huge change initiative”.

“I was able to lead teams, facilitate meetings, and influence senior leaders to implement OD Change processes as a result of the confidence I gained in this program”.