Talent Management Certification Program

The Talent Management Certification Program (TMCP) is designed to help participants gain practical skills to advance in the field of Talent Management. Participants earn a distinction as a Talent Management Certified Professional.

Through the Talent Management Certification Program participants gain skills, knowledge, best practices, tools, and resources needed to design and implement a Talent Management strategy that is aligned to the business strategy. Using an integrated Talent Management approach, participants will create a strategy and implementation plan, as well as design each of the talent management components to meet your organization’s needs and facilitate the development of talent throughout the entire employee life cycle.

The Talent Management Certification Program (TMCP) is offered online, for an 8 month period, meeting 3 hours per month. Each session provides participants with tools, guidelines and interactive activities. Participants network with each other to share valuable insight. IOD’s experienced facilitators lead each session and provide coaching in-between sessions. Participants complete assignments and case studies and practice the skills learned during each session. An online final exam is provided at the end of the program to complete the certification process.

Participants will receive 8 comprehensive talent management participant guides, slides, talent management tools, resources and references.

Advance your career potential by gaining a certification in the field of Talent Management, Register today!

Here are the benefits of gaining a Talent Management Certification:

  • Build your brand as a valued Talent Management Business Partner
  • Facilitate the strategic development of talent throughout the entire employee life cycle
  • Implement a talent management process that aligns with organization needs using an OD approach
  • Learn how to attract and retain top talent
  • Come away with practical tools and guidelines
  • Enhance your professional growth, gain new opportunities in the field and earn valuable credentials
  • Apply what you learn immediately in your current role
  • Earn 24 HRCI credits for recertification
  • Receive 24 SHRM – PDC for recertification
  • Gain the credential “TMCP” to be recognized as a Talent Management professional

Who should take this online Talent Management Certification?

  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Training and  Development Professionals

  • OD Professionals
  • Talent Management Professionals
  • Leaders

    Online Sessions:

  • Online Sessions are 3 hrs. long and meet once a month on the same day (e.g.: 2nd Tuesday of the month). Once you register, you will receive confirmation of all meeting dates and times. Each session is facilitated live by an experienced OD Consultant.

Certification Requirements

  • Attend all 8 sessions over an eight-month period
  • Complete all assignments
  • Complete self-development plan
  • Complete a final examination
  • Upon completion of these requirements, you will receive your certificate via email

Online Sessions

Online Sessions are 3 hours long and meet once a month on the same day (e.g.,2nd Tuesday of the month). Once you register, you will receive confirmation of all meeting dates and times. Each session is facilitated live by an experienced OD Consultant.

The cost of the TMCP Certification Program is $3,900.00 USD

Additional Resources Provided:

  • 8 Participant guides, one for each session
  • Complete set of the presentation slides each month
  • Access to over 30 guidelines and templates
  • Comprehensive list of TM publications and references.
  • Up to 6 hours of coaching and mentoring with an experienced Talent Management Professional
  • Access to career opportunities and referrals through our social media notifications
  • Access to our weekly updates and articles
  • Preferred alumni registration and discounts for additional certification programs

Features of IOD’s Certification Programs

  • Convenient

    • Connect from anywhere to the online meetings
    • Interactive sessions with experienced OD practitioners in an instructor led format
    • Virtual sessions meet once a month on the same day of the month and at the same time
  • Flexible

    • Program schedule is flexible enough to cover multiple time zones/regions
    • We understand the workplace and personal demands, in some cases we can accommodate for make-up sessions so you won’t miss the learning experience
  • Affordable

    • Group discount available for groups of 5 or more.
    • Special discount for referrals and additional courses.

Program Sessions:

1. Business Case for Talent Management

This session defines the purpose and importance of Talent Management and the framework, components and benefits of an integrated Talent Management System.

2. Creating a Workforce Planning Strategy

Focuses on creating a workforce planning strategy to drive talent management initiatives and create a strategy that flows out of the strategic business plan.

3. Talent Acquisition and Selection

Overview of the best practices in Talent Acquisition and how to build an employer brand and create the value proposition to drive acquisition/recruitment and marketing strategies.

4. Employee Engagement and Retention

Focus is on identifying employee engagement levels and developing engagement strategies to help managers retain high performers.

5. Onboarding

Identifies the components of effective onboarding programs and addresses onboarding for generational groups, remote employees and explores why it needs to be different. Participants will learn how to implement onboarding processes and methods for evaluating success

6. Performance Management Systems

Current best practices that optimize the performance enabling process using a systems approach. Identify key elements of the performance management system and design an effective system that is measurable and aligned to business objectives.

7. Career Planning and Employee Development

Identifies a process for implementing career planning throughout the organization.  Learn how to identify employee career interests, create an individual development plan and coach managers to discuss career development, create development goals and activities and identify development opportunities.

8. Integration and Implementation of the Talent Management Strategy

This session focuses on implementing an integrated talent management strategy that can be measured and tracked.

Program Learning Objectives

  • Create a talent management strategy that aligns with organizational needs and goals
  • Analyze current barriers to talent acquisition, retention, career development, engagement, performance management, and develop tailored solutions
  • Use an integrated talent management approach to create a strategy and implementation plan based on organization priorities
  • Access practical tools, templates and resources to can be applied immediately
  • Build an integrated process for each of the talent management components: strategic workforce plan, branding, value proposition, acquisition, onboarding, engagement, performance management, career development, and evaluation
  • Recognize how to build a brand for your organization as an employer of choice.
  • Identify how to influence senior leaders and gain buy-in for support, resources and accountability.
  • Leverage the talent in your organization by managing performance, developing a talent pipeline and building a talent pool.
  • Learn how to develop and implement talent management strategies in your own organization.
  • Speaks to the core responsibility of a talent manager – to develop talent throughout their journey with the company
  • Also ties into the motivation for an organization to create high performing workforces

Professional Development Requirements

  • It is suggested that participants complete 2-3 additional courses yearly to keep their certification up to date.

TMCP taught me that talent management is a strategic and comprehensive approach to developing any organization’s most important asset-its people. The talent manager has a view of people management that is more expansive than that of a normal human resources person and has a keen appreciation for the need to understand the requirements of business processes for talent. Understanding every phase of the talent management cycle is a big challenge. There is so much to learn.

I immediately applied the TMCP lesson on “creating a workforce planning strategy” to write a 5- page strategy paper for my agency that provided senior leaders their first true look at our career field’s requirements five years from now. Now we have a target to which we can build and acquire new talent that will have all the skills and knowledge our agency will need to be
successful in the future. This, and all other lesson modules, helped me to better understand the level of maturity of my agency’s talent management functions, and to lay out a plan to improve them.

Because I am nearing the end of my current career, my objective was not to use this certification to further my own career, but to evaluate it as a possible opportunity for many other talent managers in my agency to take to improve their careers. From the standpoint that it helped me, as a leader in talent management, to identify area for improvement and to act on them, it was valuable for my performance as well.

I believe the single most valuable experience during my certification was reading the case studies of other organizations and how they used talent management approaches to improve their organizational performance and employee retention. Seeing how TMCP theory works in the real world really drove the point home for me.

Patti Dammann is an outstanding instructor, she asks thought provoking questions that stimulate class discussion. She was always well prepared. Well Done! — EH

“I recently completed the TMCP Program and it was wonderful! My instructor Patti was extremely knowledgeable, well organized, and the material was best-in-class. This program rounded out my current TM role and knowledge, and I’ve been able to use concepts and frameworks from the course immediately! My skill set has been vastly increased and improved from this program and I highly recommend this course”

Julie Featherstone – Talent Management Director

I enrolled in the TMCP program as a professional development opportunity to help me elevate to the next level of my career and expand my knowledge and expertise in talent management.  The program challenged me to think at a higher strategic level and since completion of the program,  I have successfully incorporated principles taught in the program and as a result have advanced my career within my company.  I am grateful my company invests in professional development and I intend to evaluate other programs the Institute of OD offers.  I recommend other HR and OD professionals to take a certification program relevant to their field and area of interest.  It is worth the financial and time investments.

Kellie Greiner,  SPHR, SHRM-SCP

I recently completed the TMCP certification course that was given by Patti.  What an incredible experience.  I have been in Talent Acquisition for quite some time now and she was able to open my eyes to the broad spectrum of Talent Management.  Each class was very informative and provided me with many take aways.  The homework assignments are very detailed and require a lot of time and effort but they are so worth it.  If you are a talent acquisition/HR professional looking to further your education, look no further.  This class was very much worth the investment.  I am proud to say that I am now a TMCP certified professional!  Really awesome experience!!!!!

Todd Barber

In my position as a Lead Talent Management specialist, I was keen to do justice to my role. Managing talent is my passion and this led me to initiate a wide search for a fit for purpose accredited course.

Going back and forth after a period of 6 months I was convinced that the Talent Management Certification Program with IOD was indeed a program designed to suit my needs. I wanted to feel confident in supporting the Talent pipeline in an environment encompassing multiple generations and widely diverse with an approximate 72 different nationalities.

I must admit I was quite apprehensive at the start as I was geographically dispersed miles away and had to actively engage myself in a session that was scheduled from 1:30 – 4:30 am.

On completing my first session, I was taken aback, I loved communicating with Susan. Susan holds rich knowledge in the field of Talent Management. She beautifully managed active participation between all course participants, and most importantly time flew by so quickly as the discussions were absolutely engaging. I had prepared myself a potful of strong coffee and all I consumed was half a cup, this is simply to express how interesting the session was.

At the end of the session I felt really great as I had found a Coach, Mentor and friend in Susan. Even though we are miles apart, I was able to reach out to her at any time.

The materials provided are simple , easy to understand and implement. This rich learning experience has given birth to a new me, a woman who is confident and positive that she will continuously support the overflowing challenges in the field of Talent Management.

I strongly recommend this course to anyone who is passionate about TM and eager to find a new friend and Mentor.

Lyncia Miranda, Lead Talent Management Specialist, Aspire Zone Foundation, Qatar

I wanted to thank you and Susan for developing and facilitating such a terrific program.  The classes were very well done and I think everyone felt included in the discussions. I learned a tremendous amount from the program. I can’t tell you how useful it was to be going through the program while we were developing our Talent Management Strategic Plan.  I was able to put into practice the concepts we were learning.  This is the best way to learn!  I wish you both all the best and hope to be working with you again in the near future!

 John Milnes, Senior Director, Organizational Effectiveness and Finance

I recently took the Talent Management Certification Program from IOD and it was a rewarding experience. I truly enjoyed the wide variety of participants from all around the world, the presenters were professional ,thought provoking and engaging. The material was extremely relevant. I have applied a great deal of what I learned to my professional HR consulting business. My time taking the TMCP course was well worth the money and the effort and I would recommend TMCP to any HR professional. I will definitely be taking more programs from IOD in the near future.

John Francis

“Thank you SO much for all your support throughout the program and professionally/personally. I really enjoyed the training sessions. I look forward to continuing to build our relationship”.

“The reinforcement of the track we are currently on as an organization and the direction we aspire to go in the future was very effective. It’s definitely a great overview of the role of the talent management/OD professional and the processes required to be effective and a good business partner”.