Organization Development Consultant Certification Program (ODCC)

Organization Development Consulting Certification - ODCC

Advance Your Career In The Field Of Organization Development

Enhance your career and expand your consulting capability by demonstrating complex OD tools and processes. Learn advanced theories and applications to help lead change effectively within your organization.

Organization Development Certified Consultant - ODCC

Advance Your Career In The Field Of Organization Development

Enhance your career and expand your consulting capability by demonstrating complex OD tools and processes. Learn advanced theories and applications to help lead change effectively within your organization.


Advanced OD Consulting Methodologies, Tools, and Interventions

Designed for advanced OD professionals (10+ years),  experienced working with the Action Research Model.  Participants gain skills in advanced OD change models, applications, tools, and interventions, preparing them to manage complex change and apply adaptive and dialogic methods to transform culture.

Who Should Take This Course?

ODCC is for advanced OD professionals (10+ years) looking to take their career to the next level. If you haven’t completed the ODCP prerequisite  – Apply here to see if you qualify for this course. 

  • Graduates of ODCP
  • Advanced OD Professionals with a background in applying the Action Research Model
  • OD Professionals / Consultants with over 10 years experience in the field of OD
What Are The Benefits Of ODCC?
  • Earn distinction and credibility as an advanced organization development professional
  • Increase consulting capability by demonstrating complex OD tools and processes
  • Expand awareness of changing trends and innovative technology used in OD
  • Implement change assessments and diagnostics to discover client needs and collaborate with others to identify sustainable actions
  • Lead major change initiatives and apply advanced interventions
  • Increase buy-in, commitment and reduce resistance to change
What Credits Can I Earn?
  • ODCC credentials and digital badge to be recegnized as an OD Certified Professional Consultant
  • 24 SHRM PDCs
  • 24 HRCI Recertification Credits
  • 24 ATD Recertification Credits
  • 24 ACMP Credits

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Training Format:

Facilitated Live with OD Experts

Certification Badge

odcc pprog

Certified Training Provider

atd provider


Learn and Practice Advanced OD Methodologies, Tools, and Interventions

Gain advanced OD Consulting Skills and start down the path to creating organizational change.

Apply the Action Research Model to help clients create a sustainable model for change

Create a plan to gain alignment between the strategic mission of the organization and its ability and competence to fulfill its mission

Design and facilitate OD interventions during complex change, leverage complex adaptive systems, manage through chaos, and understand the neuro-science of managing change

Develop effective consulting skills to work with senior leadership teams, manage resistance, gain buy-in from C Suite, collaborate to build trust, and build relationships

Program Overview
8 More Reasons to Choose IOD
How Will I Develop My Skills?

ODCC Overview

The OD Certified Consultant Certification Program (ODCC) is a comprehensive journey that empowers participants to become certified OD Consultants. In this program, they acquire the skills and knowledge to help organizations manage complex change and transform their workforce processes, strategies, leadership, and culture. The program focuses on enhancing consulting techniques, mastering the Action Research Model, and developing strategic OD consulting skills. Participants learn to work effectively with senior leadership teams, manage resistance, and create sustainable models for change. They also gain expertise in culture transformation, organization design, diagnostic tools, and facilitating positive OD interventions. The program emphasizes practical application, global context, and achieving measurable business impact, making graduates advanced OD Consultants equipped to lead successful OD interventions and strategic visioning for their clients.


ODCC Curriculum Overview

The Organization Development Consulting Certification Program (ODCC) provides participants with an opportunity to gain a certification as an advanced OD Consultant.  Participants develop skills to implement change that impacts the organization to support organization goals, address challenges facing leaders, and gain commitment  to address critical issues facing the organization.

Career Growth – 80% of our participants report that they have advanced in their career with their current employer before completing our program. 

Comprehensive Learning: Gain a thorough understanding of Organization Development concepts, tools, and methodologies.

Expert Guidance: Learn from experienced professionals in the field who provide practical insights and real-world examples.

Structured Curriculum: Access a well-rounded program covering various Organization Development and change management topics.

Networking: Connect with like-minded professionals to exchange ideas, experiences, and potential collaborations.

Hands-on Practice: Apply theoretical concepts through practical exercises, case studies, and simulations.

Up-to-date Insights: Stay current with the latest tools, techniques, and trends in Organization Development.

Long-term Support: Access ongoing resources, webinars, forums, and networks for continuous learning.

  • Build your brand and credibility as an advanced OD Certified Consultant
  • Develop your reputation as a business partner with OD expertise
  • Apply what you learn immediately
  • Advance your career opportunities in the field of OD

The best learning experience is gained through sharing what you’ve learned with your colleagues and managers and to begin applying the action research model, processes and tools immediately.   

Through our practice activities you will gain insight into your own perceptions, strengthen your human interaction and human dynamics skills needed as an OD professional.  Participants learn how to be mindful of others through use of self, and recognize differences in others, and build trust through interpersonal communication skills such as trust building, asking reflective questions, listening with empathy, supporting the client’s needs, and gaining agreement and buy-in to actions.


Advance Your Career as an OD Consultant (ODCC)

Attend this webinar to learn more about the ODCC program and how to become an Advanced OD Certified Consultant!

Webinars are 1 hour in duration, and scheduled every month


Hear What Our Customers Have To Say About Our Programs

Joanie Smiley
The Heritage Group
I have two employees that have been acquiring OD skills from you through IOD programs. I want to first express my gratitude and also complement you on the course content - I am very impressed! I have been in the OD field for over 25 years and appreciate your help in accelerating a couple of very smart but still in-experienced folks on my team.
Luz Rogers
Thank you for your support. Truly appreciate your assistance and all your knowledge. It has been a learning experience and I just hope I can continue to manage OD in a way that speaks volumes of your training session.
Nali Qazi
I have graduated from this program recently and as an OD practitioner have applied every single learning and have seen the value of the tools, approaches, frameworks and discussions in my growth as a professional. I highly recommend the program.