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Ask The OD Doctor

“Ask the OD Doctor” is an engaging podcast series hosted by Dr. Nancy Zentis, C.E.O and founder of the Instititute of Organization Development.
In each episode, Dr. Zentis explores pertinent Organization Development (OD) topics, providing valuable insights and practical tools for listeners. Whether you’re an OD professional, a curious enthusiast, or a leader looking to enhance organizational performance, this podcast offers discussions on team dynamics, leadership challenges, cultural transformation, and more.
Join the OD Doctor on a journey of discovery, empowerment, and transformation in the dynamic world of Organization Development.


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Ask the doctor podcast

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Ep.4. Bridge Builders: Transitioning To The Modern World Of Leadership W/ Leesa Riviere

Episode 3: Breaking Barriers W/ Donna Ginn, Funbi Matthew, and Mercedes Martin

Episode 2: How An OD Pro Maintains Professionalism in A Tough Culture” w/ Deborah Jones

Episode 1: Using The Capabilities Model w/ Michael Sabbag