Manage a Virtual Workforce I: Building Trust and Expanding Communications

This course assists professionals to promote teamwork, increase interpersonal relationships, maximize performance and communications when managing employees remotely.  Key topics include the new Virtual Management Competency Model, the Remote Management Model, Building Trust, and Expanding Communications.  New perspectives are shared through best practices, skill exercises, discussions, and real world applications.

This course provides participants with guidelines and tools to help them effectively lead and manage virtual work teams using a remote management model.


  • Enables you to define and implement new management skills to support virtual employees
  • Promotes the application of a Remote Management Model
  • Builds and applies Best Practice Models
  • Promotes networking with other professionals to gain new insights and ideas
  • Teaches you how to build trust and increase the effectiveness of your interpersonal relationships and communications

The cost for this short course is $300.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Identify and implement new management skills that support virtual work teams
  2. Apply Remote Management Model in the workplace
  3. Build and apply Best Practice Models to efficiently manage remote employees
  4. Build trust and increase effectiveness of interpersonal relationships
  5. Expand the effectiveness of communications

I needed to continue my development in OD and this provided me with the skills I needed.

I loved the ODCP program and wanted to continue my development.  Professional development in OD must be ongoing.