Organization Design

This course is comprised of two 3-hour sessions and will show how Organization Design plays a very critical role in the success and survival of an organization. While we can use many other synonyms like restructuring, rightsizing or reorganizing, Ronald Recardo defines Organization Design as a structured and analytically driven systems approach to configure an organization to foster achievement of valued business, customer and employee outcomes.

Organization Design aligns all the elements of an organization to increase performance, create a culture of accountability and deliver the business strategy. The pace of change, the imperative to deliver results, to ensure return on investment & create a culture of accountability & innovation, translating strategy to action and succeed in the face of a complex and volatile business environment make Organization Design a critical need and skill for Organizations and Leaders.

The cost for this short course is $300.

Learning Objectives:

  • Organization Design Foundations – What it is and is not, Why Organization Design Matters, What drives an Organization to carry out design, Common challenges in Organization Design and Foundational Core Concepts
  • Organization Design Process – Assessing Scope & goals of organization, Assessing the Strategy & Environment, Analyzing the structure, Assessing Process & People, Analyzing Control & Incentives, Designing the Architecture and Implementing the Change
  • Models & Approaches – Critical models for Organization Design and Choosing the right approach for success
  • Organization Structures – Different types of structures (including Matrix, Network, Holacracy) and Layers & spans
  • Design Options – Generating design concepts, Developing design outlines,, assessing design options and laying out the way forward
  • Organization Design Challenges – Sizing an organization, Choosing between design options in VUCA environment & assessing capability maturity of organizations.,
  • Measuring Organization Design – Choosing appropriate measurement tools & principles and stakeholder engagement

I needed to continue my development in OD and this provided me with the skills I needed.

I loved the ODCP program and wanted to continue my development.  Professional development in OD must be ongoing.