Change Management – Become a Change Leader

This course is comprised of two 3-hour sessions and provides participants with valuable skills in understanding how Change Management has emerged as a very critical competency for Business Leaders and HR Leaders as the organizations are facing change most of the time. The pace of change has increased and is also accompanied by volatility, ambiguity, complexity and uncertainty.  So the question is,  What can leaders do to facilitate change and lead the organizations and employees through the many phases of change?

The Change Management Program is focused on helping participants learn how to lead change effectively, how to deal with resistance, understand various models and approaches for change management, how to help people adapt to change, how to diagnose the system, understand the gaps and build a change management plan.

The cost for this course is $600 per participant.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Learn to define Change Management and the various phases of managing change
  2. Learn research-based models and best practices for understanding and managing change
  3. Learn to apply various tools and techniques to implement the Change Leaders Roadmap to effective change.
  4. Learn the important principles of change management to lay the foundation for effective change in your organization
  5. Learn about strategies and interventions to understand and manage resistance to change
  6. Learn about how people react to change, the emotions that are triggered and how to manage the emotions
  7. Learn to develop a business case for deploying a change management strategy, partner with leaders and employees to deliver the plan
  8. Learn to lead the people through the various phases of change and to manage their emotional reactions

I needed to continue my development in OD and this provided me with the skills I needed.

I loved the ODCP program and wanted to continue my development.  Professional development in OD must be ongoing.