Identify and Develop Successors


Plan for the Future with Talent Mapping, Development, and Succession

Stay Ahead of the Game by Developing Successors for Key Positions and Build Future Talent!


Plan for the Future with Talent Mapping and Strategic Development

Stay Ahead of the Game by Developing Successors for Key Positions and Build Future Talent!


This engaging workshop is designed to help your organization identify and implement a systemic process for succession planning. You’ll learn essential guidelines to identify, develop, and measure the success of potential successors, ensuring your organization remains robust and prepared for future challenges.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to ensure your organization’s longevity and success. Register today and take the first step toward effective succession planning!

Why Is This Training Essential?
  • Recognize Best Practices: Discover the industry’s best practices for creating an effective succession planning program.
  • Access Valuable Tools: Gain exclusive access to tools and resources that will help you develop a robust succession planning strategy.
  • Strategic Approach: Learn how to demonstrate a strategic approach to create a business plan and develop a strategic planning process.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Understand how to collaborate with stakeholders to assess current practices and formulate a succession plan that meets organizational needs.
  • Implementation Steps: Identify the critical steps in the succession planning process required to implement your plan and measure its results.
What Are The Applicable Benefits?
  • Recognize how to identify the business case for SP: Develop a succession planning strategy that aligns seamlessly with your organization’s business strategy.
  • Comprehensive Strategic Approach to Succession Planning: Get a thorough understanding of the processes to create a strategic plan, and how to collect data, gain commitment and buy-in, and implement a strategic plan.
  • Successor Development Tools: Gain access to the SP tools, guidelines, and templates needed to develop potential successors within your organization.
  • Practical Application:  This workshop is designed to help you implement a succession plan with the guidelines needed for success
Who Should Attend This Workshop?
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Learning and Development Professionals
  • OD Professionals
  • Talent Management Professionals
  • Leaders
  • Anyone seeking opportunities in the field of OD

Training Format:


Course Duration

3 Hours

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Upon Completion:

Workshop Certification
3 HRCI Credits
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Keep Your Organization on the Path to Success

Focus on creating a sustainable and dynamic succession planning strategy. Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to keep your organization prepared for the future by developing and nurturing talent from within.

Strategic Process Identification: Help your organization identify a strategic process for developing and implementing succession planning to identify and develop successors and measure success.

Best Practices Assessment: Recognize best practices in conjunction with current organizational practices.

Succession Planning Strategy: Develop a succession planning strategy that aligns with your organization’s business strategy.

Talent Pipeline Creation: Identify how to create a talent pipeline and succession plan.

Successor Readiness: Recognize a process to select successors and determine their readiness to create a replacement chart.

High-Potential Performer Selection: Determine a model for selecting high-potential performers.

Development and Measurement: Define the development process for successors, including how to measure success and provide constructive feedback.

Meet The Facilitators

OD Practioners With Decades of Real-World Experience

Nancy Zentis

Dr. Nancy Zentis


Patricia (Patti) Dammann

Patricia Dammann


Gene Wheeler


S. Gevaise

Susan Gervasi