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Mediation Training Institute (MTI)

The Mediation Training Institute (MTI)® at Eckerd College is the foremost provider of training, certification, licensing, and consulting in workplace conflict management and mediation. MTI’s programs help practitioners develop skills in mediation and conflict resolution that positively impact workplace relationships, productivity and efficiency. MTI’s expertly designed learning methodology includes programs for coaches, mediators and trainers including the Certified Workplace Mediator and Trainer program, as well as MTI’s flagship product the Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP)®, a behaviorally-based assessment that helps individuals identify how they respond to conflict. Going beyond training, MTI helps clients strategically manage conflict to improve organizational effectiveness and profitability.

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College for Community and Organisation Development (CCOD),GH.

The College for Community and Organization Development is the partner for IOD in Africa. CCOD currently offers classroom programs throughout Ghana and Nigeria, Botswana, Kenya and South Africa.

Gabriel Gbiel Benarkuu, Ph.D, is the President of CCOD, Africa. He is a Community and Organisation Development Specialist with emphasis in Community Medicine, Organisational Development and Appreciative Leadership (A New Emerging Field). Gabriel has over 17 years of practice and has made significant contribution to the field of Organisation Development (OD), Appreciative Leadership Model (ALM) and as well as Organisational Retreat Model (GAB’s Retreat Model); a therapeutic model for people and system transformation. He made major contributions to Effectiveness of workplaces in Organisations in Africa especially in Civil Society (NGOs) and Private sector development. He has consulted to and worked with over 250 non-profit organisations in Africa, 155 Small and Medium size private businesses and, have provided development services to over 40 Municipals/ Districts Assemblies in Ghana. Gabriel has also specialized in OD curriculum development and, the first African scholar to produce a Bachelor Degree in Organisational Development (BSc OD).

If you are interested in joining our programs or gaining more information about the programs in Africa please contact:

College for Community and Organizational Development (CCOD)
Specialised in Academic Degrees in Organisation Development (BOD, MOD) in Africa
Mobile: +233-208-500-875