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GIODN Book Review – Think Like DaVinci by Michael J. Gelb
Michael J. Gelb explores in his book “Think Like DaVinci.” Being a genius is not only about having something exceptional,...
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GIODN Book Review – Tribe of Mentors by Timothy Ferriss
By Cindy Banyai, Ph.D. Timothy Ferriss has been a sought after thought leaders in business since the release of his best-selling...
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GIODN Book Review – Dare to Lead by Brene Brown
by Cindy Banyai, P.h.D Brene Brown has been an icon ever since her Ted Talk on vulnerability went viral in 2011. She is a...
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Press Release: Institute of Organization Development announces our new Global IOD Network
Press Release Sept 1, 2017 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Join GIODN and Learn How You Can Impact the World as a Global OD...
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