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All the webinars listed below are complimentary and are one hour in duration

We offer complimentary webinars to provide more information about each of our online certification programs to provide you with an introduction into each topic.

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Webinar: Advance Your Career as an OD Consultant (ODCC) The field of Organization Development is making a significant contribution to the success of many organizations in today’s global market. OD is the primary tool used to develop and maintain an organization’s culture. The culture of the organization sustains how the business executes, and embraces change, manages customer focus, creates new value and integrates new team members. “ MGollenti. 2010.

Learn how you can attain advanced consulting skills in the field of OD and gain a Certification as an OD Consultant!

What you will learn

o Why Organizations Need OD
o Definition of OD
o Behavioral Science Approach
o Purpose of OD
o OD Systems Approach
o Action Research Model
o Emergent Need of OD Professionals
o Focus of OD Interventions
o Impact of OD on Organization Success and the Future

To learn more about the benefits of advancing your skills in the field of OD, gaining recognition as an OD Consultant, and the upcoming Organization Certified Consultant Program, and how you can become certified as a OD Certified Consultant, register now for this complimentary webinar.
12/3/202010:00am EST1 hour
Webinar: Consultative Role of OD Process Professional: Jump Start Your Career in OD (ODPC) The role of the OD Process Professional as HR/OD/L&D business partner is critical in today’s organizations. The OD Process Consultant often acts as a partner to senior leaders to help them solve critical business challenges and implement change. Through the role of the helper, OD Process professionals, recognize the importance of developing relationships to gain trust and commitment, overcome cultural differences and begin to build stronger social connections. They guide the leaders to look deeper into their unique challenges through inquiry and data collection and work collaboratively with stakeholders to solve conflicts and inter group challenges.

What you will learn:

o OD Process Consulting Role
o OD Process Consulting Competencies and Skills
o The Helping Model
o Facilitation Tools for OD Process Professionals
o Creating an OD Strategy

To learn more about how to advance as an OD Process Professional, support leaders faced with complex problems and challenges and our upcoming OD Process Professional Online Certification Program, register now for this complimentary webinar.
12/9/202010:00am EST1 hour
GIODN Special Speaker - Digital Transformation - The 4th Industrial Revolution with Gerry Litrento Join us for our December GIODN Special Speaker Event with Gerry Litrento! Gerry will speak on "Digital Transformation - The 4th Industrial Revolution." Technology does not cause companies to fail, rather the mindset of the leadership is what truly matters. This discussion centers around digital modernization and what senior leaders should focus on. 12/9/20201:00pm EST1 hour
Webinar: Building Your Brand as an HR Business Partner (HRBP) “Historically, many within the HR Profession have lamented the lack of respect and acknowledgement for the services they provide. Now opportunity is banging at the door of every HR Function to reverse that situation. The need to be more strategic and business-linked is evident” according to J. Robinson and D. Robinson, Strategic Business Partners

This is especially true today in the midst of a major business disruptor!
We will examine how HR departments have transformed and redesigned their resources by employing business and OD skills to become a strategic partner and leader.

To learn more about the building your brand as an HR Business Partner, the upcoming HR Business Partner Certification Program and how you can become certified as a HR Business Partner, register now for this complimentary webinar.

12/10/202010:00am EST1 hour
Webinar: Introduction to Organization Development (ODCP) Please join us to learn more about the field of OD and how you can gain professional development to enhance your career.
You will learn how you can support organization change initiatives during crises to help your clients develop effective change strategies.
You will learn about the field of OD, its history and pioneers, and how OD helps organizations implement effective change using a behavioral science approach to solve critical business challenges.

You will gain insight into the role of the OD Professional and how you can help leaders and other stakeholders resolve critical business challenges during times of crisis through problem solving, decision making, collecting feedback, implementing effective solutions, and measuring results.

What you will learn

o Why Organizations Need OD
o Definition of OD
o Behavioral Science Approach
o Purpose of OD
o OD Systems Approach
o Action Research Model
o Emergent Need of OD Professionals
o Focus of OD Interventions
o Impact of OD on Organization Success and the Future

To learn more about the benefits of a building your brand as an OD internal/external Consultant applying a proven methodology to create a solid transformational plan, influencing leadership with expert advice, becoming a catalyst of change and leading change initiatives, and our upcoming Organization Development Certification Program and how you can become certified as an OD Professional, register now for this complimentary webinar.
12/17/202010:00am EST1 hour
Webinar: Developing a Strategically Aligned Executive Coaching Program (ECCP) This webinar, Implementing a Strategically Aligned Executive Coaching Program will provide participants with the steps to create and implement successful executive coaching programs aligned with business goals and the needs of the organization.

Most coaching programs fail to connect organization needs to results. Most coaches are not familiar with helping the client to develop an executive coaching strategy prior to implementing the coaching program. In this webinar, you will learn how to partner with senior leaders to develop the coaching strategy, implement the strategy, successfully coach senior leaders and measure results.

What you will learn
o Why Leadership Coaching is Important to Organizations
o Key to Success in Developing a “Culture of Coaching” Strategy
o Value and Purpose of Leadership Coaching
o Developing a Coaching Strategy
o Identifying the Coaching Approach
o Developing a Coaching Culture
o Role of the Leadership Coach
o Coaching Guidelines
o How Coaching Supports Organizational Success

To learn more about the benefits of a building your brand as an executive coach using a proven executive coaching methodology, sharpening your coaching skills, and our upcoming Executive Coaching Certification Program and how you can become certified as an Executive Coach, register now for this complimentary webinar.
1/6/202110:00am EST1 hour
Webinar: Developing a Strategic Approach to Leadership Development (LDCP) According to the best thought leaders in the industry, many organizations are unclear about how they can create a sustainable, leadership talent pipeline for the long term. Organizations need to manage their leadership supply chain with the same rigor that they would apply to other parts of the organization.

The reality is that many organizations do not even understand who their key leadership is; therefore, refocusing efforts and investment on pivotal leadership roles could provide a major competitive advantage over the next 12-18 months.
Companies are realizing more and more that their leadership development programs are instrumental to their business's future. As top executives retire or leave, it is the future leaders who must carry on the deep legacy of business success. Also, the BEST COMPANIES for leadership are on top of the situation when it comes to creating a culture of innovation with practices that allow them to prosper.

What you will learn

o Why Leadership Development is Important to Organizations
o Definition of Leadership Development
o Key to success in Developing a LD Strategy
o Purpose of LD
o Implementing a LD Strategy
o LD Strategy Tools

To learn more about the benefits of a strategic approach to Leadership Development and the upcoming Leadership Development Certification Program and how you can become certified as a Leadership Development Professional, register now for this complimentary webinar.
1/14/202110:00am EST1 hour
GIODN Special Speaker - Does Training Really Work? How to Measure Impact? with Paul Leone Join us for GIODN special speaker, Dr. Paul Leone to explore training and impact.

Question: Why don't business leaders and stakeholders understand the impact training and OD initiatives have on the business? Answer:  We never tell them. 

Now, more than ever before, stakeholders are expecting to see a serious return on their training and development investments. Whether you’re an external provider or an internal department, nothing shows the true value of your work like an impact or ROI study. Once you speak the language of the business and tell stakeholders exactly how much your training impacts the bottom line, you’ll finally be able to take your seat in the boardroom.

This results-oriented webinar will provide easy-to-understand insights on:

Why you need to measure
What you need to measure.
How you need to measure – 2 real case studies presented to C-level leaders

Paul Leone, Ph.D. Bio

Paul is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist with over 15 years of experience conducting ROI case studies and evaluating the impact of employee training initiatives for top companies like American Express, Verizon, and Nissan.  He is the founder of MeasureUp Consulting, where he currently helps training organizations around the world define the true value they bring to the business bottom line.  His ground-breaking book Measuring and Maximizing Training Impact: Bridging the Gap between Training and Business Results added a new Level 6 to the traditional 5 levels of evaluation.
1/14/20211:00pm EST1 hour
Webinar: Introduction to Talent Management--Advance Your Career (TMCP) Making the business case, taking a strategic approach and aligning the components for Talent Management are critical skills for the Talent Management Strategist. Today, more than ever before, the employee experience is first and center! Given the changes that every organization has to address due to the economic effects of COVID-19, assessing your Talent Management Strategy is critical to ensure alignment with the Business Strategy.

We use an OD approach for Talent Management to ensure that programs and changes are sustainable and align with the organization’s vision, mission and strategic objectives.

What you will learn
o Definition of Talent Management
o Top Talent Management Workforce Challenges
o What Drives Talent Management Success
o Keys to Effective Talent Practices
o The Business Case for an Integrated Talent Management Strategy
o Developing Your Talent Management Strategy
o Aligning the Critical Components of Talent Management

To learn more about the benefits of a strategic approach to Talent Management and the upcoming Talent Management Certification Program and how you can become certified as a Talent Management Professional, register now for this complimentary webinar.
1/27/202110:00am EST1 hour
GIODN Book Club - Driving Innovation From Within: A Guide for Employees and Organizational Leaders with Khan Krippendorf Please join us for this special GIODN Book Club with author Khan Krippendorf.“Innovation” brings to our mind the maverick entrepreneur who quits their job, at unimaginable odds, to build a business on their own. But this entrepreneurial story is a myth. As a successful entrepreneur, author, consultant and CEO, Kaihan Krippendorff argues that intrapreneurs – employees who incubate new businesses within corporations – have had a far greater impact on the world. Nearly all of the most transformative innovations over the past three decades, from e-mail and the Internet to DNA sequencing and MRI scans, were introduced by employees who did not quit their jobs but instead took the challenge of innovating from within.

Drawing on five years of in-depth research of hundreds of successful innovators and Intrapreneurial Intensity, as well as insights from thought leaders, C-suite leaders, business unit leaders, and front-line employees, Kaihan will share exclusive insights from his next book, Driving Innovation From Within: A Guide for Internal Entrepreneurs (Columbia University Press, 2019). Kaihan will unveil the most critical internal focus areas for driving innovation and moving your organization forward into the future. He will share specific tools, frameworks and techniques used by successful innovators to manage and unlock the value of employees’ ideas to increase corporate innovation levels and deliver bottom-line results. Audience members will have actionable next steps to transform their organization by testing and scaling fresh ideas that generate value and growth. They will leave feeling inspired and empowered, ready to take on the future.

In this inspiring keynote you will learn:

• The IN-OVATE Framework
• The seven barriers of internal innovation and how to overcome them
• The six characteristics of Internal Innovators
• The seven steps to build an agile innovation team
• How to disrupt your competition without disrupting your business
4/6/20211:00pm EDT1 hour
GIODN Book Club - The Future Ready Organization with Gyan Nagpal What do companies like Walt Disney, Apple and Google have in common? How did Apple go from near bankruptcy to becoming the richest company in the world in just fourteen years? How is the nascent success of Airbnb rewiring Marriott’s business model? Is Uber showing us the blueprint of future business? How do the distributed and dynamic capability models powering these businesses distinguish them from traditional competitors? Dynamic Capability Management provides the roadmap for proactive disruption. It helps modern businesses deal with volatility, rapid growth and new skills in a much smarter manner. This ground-breaking book explains why Dynamic Capability Management is the way to go for the future-ready organization. It demonstrates how traditional management practices are evolving to meet the needs of a blended workforce. It shatters conventional organizational structures, provides a robust new talent framework and presents a practical blueprint to make any business truly future-ready.

The Future Ready Organization (Harper Collins 2019) Gyan Nagpal 

Author Bio: 

Gyan Nagpal is an award-winning talent strategist and commentator, who has deep expertise in researching on-going changes to the global talent pool. Over the last fifteen years, he has helped some of the largest and most ambitious international organizations build significant business franchises across the Asia Pacific region. Gyan's recently released book:  The Future Ready Organization (Harper Collins 2019) was awarded the Business Book of the Year in Management at the FICCI publishing awards in January 2020.  He is also the author of the bestselling book Talent Economics - The Fine Line between Winning and Losing the Global War for Talent (Kogan Page, 2013) which was selected by executive summary major Soundview as one of the "30 best business books of the year".  

6/16/20215:00pm EDT1 hour
GIODN Book Club - Equity and Opportunity in the Third Sector, Doing Well by Doing Good with Annette Merit Cummings GIODN is pleased to welcome author Annette Merritt Cummings for our July 2021 Book Club!

“We want to be inclusive, but we can’t find diverse candidates,” is often the excuse for the lack of diversity in many organizations in America. The goal: provide a resource for employers (how to find and hire diverse candidates) and a guide for potential job seekers to “hidden careers” in the Third Sector.

Annette Merritt Cummings, founder and managing partner of Cummings and Company LLC, has over 30 years of experience in marketing and communications with leading U.S. companies and non-profits, including DuPont, Gannett, and the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards and the Department of Defense. During her advertising and public relations career, clients have included the U.S. Army Recruiting Command, Ford Motor Company, Heineken, Royal Caribbean, General Motors, and Ohio State University Athletics.
7/8/202111:00am EDT1 hour
GIODN Book Club - Nice Girls Don’t Speak Up or Stand Out with Dr. Lois Frankel GIODN is pleased to announce author Dr. Lois Frankel will join us to discuss her book "Nice Girls Don’t Speak Up or Stand Out."

This presentation, based on the book of the same name, will focus on how women can communicate crisply, clearly, and confidently. Topics will include:
• The 7 techniques every woman needs in her communication toolkit
• How to handle bropriating, manterrupting and mansplaining
• Setting boundaries without saying “no”
• How to start a difficult conversation
• …and so much more!

And guys, you might just pick up a few tips too! Dr. Frankel loves interacting with the audience so come prepared to ask your toughest communication questions!
8/4/202112:00pm EDT1 hour