Complimentary Webinars

All the webinars listed below are complimentary and are one hour in duration

We offer complimentary webinars to provide more information about each of our online certification programs to provide you with an introduction into each topic.

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Webinar: Developing a Strategically Aligned Executive Coaching Program (ECCP) This webinar, Implementing a Strategically Aligned Executive Coaching Program will provide participants with the steps to create and implement successful executive coaching programs aligned with business goals and the needs of the organization.

Most coaching programs fail to connect organization needs to results. Most coaches are not familiar with helping the client to develop an executive coaching strategy prior to implementing the coaching program. In this webinar, you will learn how to partner with senior leaders to develop the coaching strategy, implement the strategy, successfully coach senior leaders and measure results.

What you will learn
o Why Leadership Coaching is Important to Organizations
o Key to Success in Developing a “Culture of Coaching” Strategy
o Value and Purpose of Leadership Coaching
o Developing a Coaching Strategy
o Identifying the Coaching Approach
o Developing a Coaching Culture
o Role of the Leadership Coach
o Coaching Guidelines
o How Coaching Supports Organizational Success

To learn more about the benefits of a building your brand as an executive coach using a proven executive coaching methodology, sharpening your coaching skills, and our upcoming Executive Coaching Certification Program and how you can become certified as an Executive Coach, register now for this complimentary webinar.
8/11/202010:00am EDT1 hour
Webinar: Consultative Role of OD Process Professional: Jump Start Your Career in OD (ODPC) The role of the OD Process Professional as HR/OD/L&D business partner is critical in today’s organizations. The OD Process Consultant often acts as a partner to senior leaders to help them solve critical business challenges and implement change. Through the role of the helper, OD Process professionals, recognize the importance of developing relationships to gain trust and commitment, overcome cultural differences and begin to build stronger social connections. They guide the leaders to look deeper into their unique challenges through inquiry and data collection and work collaboratively with stakeholders to solve conflicts and inter group challenges.

What you will learn:

o OD Process Consulting Role
o OD Process Consulting Competencies and Skills
o The Helping Model
o Facilitation Tools for OD Process Professionals
o Creating an OD Strategy

To learn more about how to advance as an OD Process Professional, support leaders faced with complex problems and challenges and our upcoming OD Process Professional Online Certification Program, register now for this complimentary webinar.
8/12/202010:00am EDT1 hour
Webinar: Building Your Brand as an HR Business Partner (HRBP) “Historically, many within the HR Profession have lamented the lack of respect and acknowledgement for the services they provide. Now opportunity is banging at the door of every HR Function to reverse that situation. The need to be more strategic and business-linked is evident” according to J. Robinson and D. Robinson, Strategic Business Partners

This is especially true today in the midst of a major business disruptor!
We will examine how HR departments have transformed and redesigned their resources by employing business and OD skills to become a strategic partner and leader.

To learn more about the building your brand as an HR Business Partner, the upcoming HR Business Partner Certification Program and how you can become certified as a HR Business Partner, register now for this complimentary webinar.

8/19/202010:00am EDT1 hour
Webinar: Introduction to Organization Development (ODCP) Please join us to learn more about the field of OD and how you can gain professional development to enhance your career. You will learn about the field of OD, its history and pioneers, and how OD helps organizations implement effective change using a behavioral science approach to solve critical business challenges. You will gain insight into the role of the OD Professional and how you can help senior leaders resolve critical business challenges through problem solving, decision making, collecting feedback, implementing effective solutions, and measuring results.

What you will learn

o Why Organizations Need OD
o Definition of OD
o Behavioral Science Approach
o Purpose of OD
o OD Systems Approach
o Action Research Model
o Emergent Need of OD Professionals
o Focus of OD Interventions
o Impact of OD on Organization Success and the Future

To learn more about the benefits of a building your brand as an OD internal/external Professional applying a proven methodology to create a solid transformational plan, influencing leadership with expert advice, becoming a catalyst of change and leading change initiatives, and our upcoming Organization Development Certification Program and how you can become certified as an OD Professional, register now for this complimentary webinar.
8/20/202010:00am EDT1 hour
Webinar: Advance Your Career as an OD Consultant (ODCC) The field of Organization Development is making a significant contribution to the success of many organizations in today’s global market. OD is the primary tool used to develop and maintain an organization’s culture. The culture of the organization sustains how the business executes, and embraces change, manages customer focus, creates new value and integrates new team members. “ MGollenti. 2010.

Learn how you can attain advanced consulting skills in the field of OD and gain a Certification as an OD Consultant!

What you will learn

o Why Organizations Need OD
o Definition of OD
o Behavioral Science Approach
o Purpose of OD
o OD Systems Approach
o Action Research Model
o Emergent Need of OD Professionals
o Focus of OD Interventions
o Impact of OD on Organization Success and the Future

To learn more about the benefits of advancing your skills in the field of OD, gaining recognition as an OD Consultant, and the upcoming Organization Certified Consultant Program, and how you can become certified as a OD Certified Consultant, register now for this complimentary webinar.
8/26/202010:00am EDT1 hour
GIODN Special Speaker - Seven Tenets of Positive Change 2020 with Diana Whitney Join us for our August GIODN Event with Diana Whitney, a leading figure in the fields of Appreciative Inquiry and Large-Scale Organization Transformation. Much has changed since the beginning of 2020. Global relations, human well-being, health care, communities, economies, social justice, and social relations, as we have known them, have all been radically disrupted. Around the world, people are asking: How do we go forward? What will be the new normal? Have we reached a global inflection point toward a safe, caring, and just world? Those in the field of OD are wondering: How must our OD practice change to contribute to a world that works for everyone? What do we know about how to create systemic transformation, in the midst of unprecedented disruption in social patterns, change and chaos?

In this session, Dr. Diana Whitney will introduce Seven Tenets of Positive Change and invite us to discuss how they apply to our work with “organizations as opportunities for social justice;” how they invite us to positively transform the power of our practices; and what small experiments we might begin to create a better world for all.

Dr. Diana Whitney is a leading figure in the fields of Appreciative Inquiry and Large-Scale Organization Transformation. She has been at the forefront of positive change theory and practice for three decades. Dr. Whitney founded the international consultancy, Corporation for Positive Change, and co-founded the social constructionist think tank, the Taos Institute. Her work, advising leaders, designing and facilitating social innovation, strategic culture change, merger integration and leadership development with Fortune 100 companies, global interfaith communities and professional associations, has gained her a worldwide following. Her clients include Novartis, British Airways, Verizon and UVA Health System. Diana is a prolific and award-winning author with twenty books and dozens of chapters and articles to her name.
8/26/20203:00pm EDT1 hour
Webinar: Developing a Strategic Approach to Leadership Development (LDCP) According to the best thought leaders in the industry, many organizations are unclear about how they can create a sustainable, leadership talent pipeline for the long term. Organizations need to manage their leadership supply chain with the same rigor that they would apply to other parts of the organization.

The reality is that many organizations do not even understand who their key leadership is; therefore, refocusing efforts and investment on pivotal leadership roles could provide a major competitive advantage over the next 12-18 months.
Companies are realizing more and more that their leadership development programs are instrumental to their business's future. As top executives retire or leave, it is the future leaders who must carry on the deep legacy of business success. Also, the BEST COMPANIES for leadership are on top of the situation when it comes to creating a culture of innovation with practices that allow them to prosper.

What you will learn

o Why Leadership Development is Important to Organizations
o Definition of Leadership Development
o Key to success in Developing a LD Strategy
o Purpose of LD
o Implementing a LD Strategy
o LD Strategy Tools

To learn more about the benefits of a strategic approach to Leadership Development and the upcoming Leadership Development Certification Program and how you can become certified as a Leadership Development Professional, register now for this complimentary webinar.
9/1/202010:00am EDT1 hour
Webinar: Introduction to Talent Management--Advance Your Career (TMCP) Making the business case, taking a strategic approach and aligning the components for Talent Management are critical skills for the Talent Management Strategist. Today, more than ever before, the employee experience is first and center!

We use an OD approach for Talent Management to ensure that programs and changes are sustainable and align with the organization’s vision, mission and strategic objectives.

What you will learn
o Definition of Talent Management
o Top Talent Management Workforce Challenges
o What Drives Talent Management Success
o Keys to Effective Talent Practices
o The Business Case for an Integrated Talent Management Strategy
o Developing Your Talent Management Strategy
o Aligning the Critical Components of Talent Management

To learn more about the benefits of a strategic approach to Talent Management and the upcoming Talent Management Certification Program and how you can become certified as a Talent Management Professional, register now for this complimentary webinar.
9/2/202010:00am EDT1 hour
GIODN Book Club - Supporting a Leader Through Change by Rick Rocchetti Please join us for this special book club focusing on the article “Supporting a Leader Through Change” by Rick Rochetti. Rick will lead us through this special event to give us the inside look on this important topic. Read more about Rick below.

Rick is an independent consultant whose work focuses on leadership development, executive coaching, strategy, culture and teams. He also works with the NC League of Municipalities and is adjunct faculty for the UNC School of Government’s Center for Leadership and Governance.

Rick’s academic background includes undergraduate degrees in Management and Marketing from Bluefield State College, dual Master’s degrees in Religious Education (Adult Education) from Fordham University and Organization Development (AU/NTL) from The American University. He graduated in August of 2016 from North Carolina State University with his Business Coaching Certificate and has his PCC level credential through International Coaching Federation.

Rick has held positions of responsibility in a variety of organizations, from the City of Raleigh to GlaxoWellcome (now GlaxoSmithKline) and from the Catholic Diocese of Raleigh to JM Family Enterprises (Toyota and Lexus Distributorship for the Southeast).

His client list includes Duke Corporate Education, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Kenan Institute for Ethics, GlaxoSmithKline, Gilead Sciences, Novozymes NA, Stiefel Pharmaceuticals, Pearl/AstraZeneca, Ryder Logistics and Transportation Solutions Worldwide, Red Hat, Caswell County, City of Fayetteville, City of Wilmington, Towns of Edenton, Rolesville and Wilkesboro, various units within the North Carolina State University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Wake Forest University, North Carolina Department of Revenue, North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles and Hendrick Motor Sports (NASCAR).

Rick has strategic alliances with Smith Management Training and Consulting, Transition States, Mitchen, the Talent Management Institute and First Step Management (UK) to deliver products and
9/4/202012:00pm EDT1 hour
GIODN Virtual Meeting - Organizational Diagnosis Questionnaire (ODQ) with Bob Preziosi Join us for this informative and interactive session on a relly useful tool! Dr. Bob Preziosi will discuss a classic tool, Organizational Diagnosis Questionnaire (ODQ).  He personally designed and developed it, and it continues to be used around the world, 40 years after it was originally published!  Both internal and external consultants use the ODQ to help design interventions for business and government, as well as for education and health care.  Marvin Weisbord’s six-box model was the reference for the ODQ’s development.

You will learn about:

The six elements of analysis in the ODQ.
Interpreting the results of an ODQ application.
Three case examples for utilizing the ODQ.
Receive a copy of the tool for your own use!
9/22/20205:00pm EDT1.5 hours
GIODN Book Club - And, Making a Difference by Leveraging, Polarity, Paradox or Dilemma with Barry Johnson GIODN is excited to welcome our special guest Barry Johnson to share us some lessons from his book And, Making a Difference by Leveraging, Polarity, Paradox or Dilemma. Join us for the conversation!

Using Or-thinking where And-thinking is required has been the demise of organizational change efforts. It has resulted in chronic polarization in organizations, nations, and international relations; has been a root cause of poverty, racism and sexism; has resulted in thousands of unnecessary deaths from COVID-19; and, has undermined our needed response to Climate Change. Beyond that, Or-thinking without its partner And-thinking does not serve us well in any dimension of our personal or professional lives. We should consider supplementing Or-thinking with And-thinking. A polarity lens can support us at every level of system from individual coaching to being global citizens dealing with complex, international issues. We will discuss its application in response to questions from participants.
10/6/202010:00am EDT1 hour
GIODN Speaker - Developing a Personal Theory-of-Practice: Why Have It. When to Use It with Peter Norlin GIODN is pleased to welcome Dr.Peter Norlin for this special speaking engagement on Developing a Personal Theory-of Practice. Join us to learn together!

Wherever we work and whatever we do as OD consultants, our professional perspective, our design choices, and our contracting decisions will all inevitably reflect our own, personal theory-of-practice.  It’s a fancy name for the framework all of us build internally to understand, integrate, and organize our professional experience.  What we think we know about people, what we believe is important for learning and change, and how we use ourselves in this moment as we practice OD is a part of this framework that we assemble over time--and that we use as a professional GPS that is always on, yet is often tacit and invisible to us.  Fortunately, it’s also a vital resource we that can use when we work with clients, so one of the challenges we all encounter as OD practitioners is first, acknowledging that our professional influence and effectiveness are always determined by our current theory-of-practice, and then, learning how to access its power and how to use it to achieve the greatest impact.  In this conversation, we’ll talk about 1) how to identify and explore your own, personal theory-of-practice; 2) how you might best frame and articulate it for your current professional needs; and 3) how you might then use it with clients to help you with some professional heavy lifting.

 Professional Bio:

Over the last 35 years, Peter F. Norlin, Ph.D., been the Executive Director of the OD Network; an internal consultant-leader in two for-profit settings, USF&G Insurance and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Maryland; the principal in two independent consulting practices, GreenLeaf Associates and ChangeGuides; a partner in Dannemiller-Tyson Associates; and an instructor in three universities.  He’s also had professional work experience in military, health care, not-for-profit, customer service, financial services, pharmaceutical, and family business systems.  He’s now currently usi
10/21/202011:00am EDT1 hour
GIODN Special Speaker - Digital Transformation - The 4th Industrial Revolution with Gerry Litrento Join us for our December GIODN Special Speaker Event with Gerry Litrento! Gerry will speak on "Digital Transformation - The 4th Industrial Revolution." Technology does not cause companies to fail, rather the mindset of the leadership is what truly matters. This discussion centers around digital modernization and what senior leaders should focus on. 12/9/20201:00pm EST1 hour