Edwin Mourin᷁o – Ruiz, Ph.D.


Edwin Mourin᷁o - Ruiz, Ph.D.

Dr. Mouriño is an Air Force veteran, author, Human Capital, and DEI practitioner and speaker. As a human capital practitioner, Dr. Mouriño’s focus has been on helping leaders and organizations help themselves. He is an experienced professional with many years of leading and/or supporting key elements of organizational change projects. Dr. Mouriño is an Air Force veteran who began his career in Diversity  Equity and Inclusion (DEI) as a graduate of the DOD-Defense Equal Opportunity &  Management Institute (DEOMI) and has also been a speaker.

He brings broad industry experience that includes Fortune 100 companies. He is a founder and president of Human Intelligent (HI) Workplace, an organization focused on helping leaders help themselves through leadership, team development, and executive coaching. He has been and continues to serve as a college professor. He is also a  Senior Fellow with the Conference Board on the DEI and Leadership Steering  Committees.

He has extensive experience and thought leadership on Human Capital issues and supported organizational change efforts through Leadership Development, DEI,  Executive Coaching, Team Development, Executive Retreats, Personality  Assessments, and Organizational Change. He has spoken at numerous professional  venues and written numerous articles on human capital trends impacting organizations, specifically addressing DE, and is the author and co-editor of several books.