Patsy Keating


Patsy Keating, TMCP, MGSCC


Patsy Keating is a passionate L&D and OD Professional, focused on driving organizational growth through strategic improvements & innovative solutions. Her expertise spans Leadership Coaching, OD & HR best practices, and process optimization, resulting in measurable results including significant impact on employee retention. 

As the Ambassador of company culture of her previous employers, Patsy has the ability to drive business values & engaged community to achieve “Great Place to Work” certifications. She possess a comprehensive skill set across all HR functions, specializing in process evaluation and cost-effective solutions to boost efficiency & accuracy.

Armed with twenty-one current L&D, OD and HR certifications, Patsy brings fresh strategies & business solutions to the table. Her unwavering commitment, integrity, and boundless energy serve as the bedrock for developing and executing programs that align with organizational objectives.