ODCC Application

Please complete the following application to be considered a candidate for the ODCC Program.

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1. Explain previous background and positions in OD. *

2. How many years of experience do you have in the field of OD?*

3. How many OD projects have you lead, please give a brief description of each. *

4. Describe a complex intervention you have lead involving individuals, teams, and large stakeholder groups. *

5. What types of OD interventions have you designed? Describe the process. *

6. Explain how you would contract with the client and manage a complex business change initiative that requires attention to scope, cost, quality, and risk. How would you ensure that you were contracting with the right person (owner of the problem)? *

7. Explain how you would work with clients to implement change. Describe the process. *

8. What distinguishes OD from other Change Management processes? *

9. How would you build trust across a wide range of groups within an organization? *

10. How would you transfer knowledge of systems thinking to include a global perspective and build strategic alliances? *

11. How would you develop a deep understanding of the culture of the organization and how it influences behavior, change, and performance? *

12. How do you assess yourself as an instrument of continuous learning and innovation to respond to emerging complex change and organization dilemmas?*(required)

13. Explain how you would scan a situation and identify innovative interventions that deal with system dynamics using an OD approach? *

14. Describe how you’ve applied the Action Research Model and customized approaches to meet the need of the client? *

15. Discuss how you’ve coached senior leaders to reassess their management practices and styles. What methodology did you use? *

16. How did you develop leaders to lead transformational change as champions as change? *

17. Explain your background facilitating collaboration, decision making, problem solving, future scenario, and team building with various groups. *

18. Describe how you identify and monitor both strategic and tactical metrics to assess objectives. *

19. Describe your understanding and application of systems thinking, visioning, environmental scanning, and other techniques for analyzing future trends. *

20. Define your understanding of knowledge management and how you’ve helped organizations manage and share knowledge. *

21. Describe your understanding of the field of behavioral science and its application to building high-performance organizations that result in creating highly effective organizations, cultures, satisfied employees, and customers. *