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Organization Development Certification Program - ODCP

Earn a Certification in Organization Development

Accelerate Your Career

Expand your career and expertise as an OD Certified Professional. Learn theories and applications to help lead change effectively within your organization.

What you will learn:

Impact of OD on Organization Success and the Future

 OD Systems Approach

Action Research Model

Focus of OD Interventions

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Meet one of our expert facilitators, Patti Dammann, as she shares her insights and expertise in this on-demand webinar.

Patricia Dammann, ODCC

Patricia Dammann


You will gain insight into the role of the OD Professional and how you can help leaders and other stakeholders resolve critical business challenges during times of crisis through problem solving, decision making, collecting feedback, implementing effective solutions, and measuring results. 

To learn more about the benefits of building your brand as an OD internal/external Consultant applying a proven methodology to create a solid transformational plan, influencing leadership with expert advice, becoming a catalyst of change and leading change initiatives, and our upcoming Organization Development Certification Program and how you can become certified as an OD Professional, register now for this complimentary webinar.

Learn more about Organization Development and our groundbreaking OD Professional Certification Program.

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