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Time and Structure

Three consecutive hours on the content, activities, and action planning steps.Three parts: ½ hour of pre-work completed on my own, 2 hours of content, and activities, and ½ hour of action planning steps and post-work on my own.(Three) – one-hour sessions with all the content, activities, and action planning steps with the group.Two sessions consisting of 1 ½ hours each on the content, activities, and action plans.
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High InterestModerate InterestLowest Interest
Conflict Resolution
Workforce Planning Strategy
Appreciative Inquiry
Influencing Senior Leaders
How to Improve Your Onboarding Program
Leading and Organizing Change
Consistent Employee Engagement
Managing a Virtual Workforce
Creating a Succession Planning Strategy
Psychological Safety
Coaching and Giving Feedback
Emerging Leaders
Developing Competency Models
Facilitation Tools and Best Practices
Performance Management Strategy
Situational Leadership
Emotional Intelligence

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