Applying Appreciative Inquiry Technologies

Applying Appreciative Inquiry Workshop guides participants to use the Appreciative Inquiry Model to help clients generate energy and ideas needed to bring about positive change by focusing on the success of the past to identify possibilities for the future.   Participants will learn how to facilitate group discussions using the 4-D Model – Discovery, Dream, Design, Destiny, to increase  innovation and creativity across an organization.  Participants learn how to create Appreciative Inquiry foundations, identify key principles, and share best practices for implementation.  Participants gain new skills from models, tools, processes, and real world application activities.


  • Recognize how to facilitate an Appreciative Inquiry Session using the 4D Model.
  • Identify tools used in Appreciative Inquiry discussions for encouraging positive change.
  • Determine how to apply Appreciative Inquiry concepts to real world challenges.

The cost for this course is $395 per participant.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Define Appreciative Inquiry and its basic components
  • Apply the 4-D model to help your organization achieve its goals and maximize employee engagement
  • Engage individuals and groups so they can work more effectively on critical initiatives through the application of Appreciative Inquiry questioning techniques, tips, and guidelines
  • Select appropriate Appreciative Inquiry tools to use in the workplace
  • Apply Appreciative Inquiry concepts and tools to real world issues

I needed to continue my development in OD and this provided me with the skills I needed.

I loved the ODCP program and wanted to continue my development.  Professional development in OD must be ongoing.