Create and Implement a Performance Management Strategy

This workshop illustrates the importance of creating innovative Performance Management Systems to achieve organization goals and meet the needs of today’s workforce. The program is built around the existence of multi-generations in the workforce who have different needs tied to continuous feedback and performance. Key components of the program include: the need for change, critical elements for a new system, designing a new strategy, and implementing a reinvented strategy. New perspectives are shared through best practices, a new performance framework, and supporting tools.


  • Helps you create a Performance Management strategy that is aligned with the needs of your organization and the new workforce
  • Enables you to identify and include critical elements in your Performance Process to promote trust, build relationships, expand communications, and maximize results
  • Demonstrates state of the art performance models, processes, and tools that can be immediately applied
  • Enables you to define and implement new management skills to support virtual employees
  • Promotes networking with other professionals to gain new insights and ideas

The cost of this course is $395.00 per participant.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Recognize the need for change in today’s Performance Management Systems
  2. Create a Performance Management Strategy
  3. Identify Best Practices of a Performance Management System
  4. Identify Key Elements in a Performance Management Process
  5. Implement a Performance Management Strategy

I needed to continue my development in OD and this provided me with the skills I needed.

I loved the ODCP program and wanted to continue my development.  Professional development in OD must be ongoing.