Situational Mindset Agility

Dr. Mary Lippett

This workshop is comprised of two 3-hour sessions and targets critical thinking and delivering results for leaders confronting complexity, uncertainty, and opportunity. Using six situational mindsets, you will discover powerful insights to leverage organizational realities to grasp current conditions and craft brilliant decisions to deliver desired outcomes.

Confronting a dynamic, multi-faceted, rapidly changing world requires situational understanding and critical thinking requires new skills in identifying new patterns and recognizing new opportunities, in order to deliver results.

To learn how to adapt to VUCA change, you must discard your existing blinders, and tunnel vision to increase agility and align efforts to achieve goals. Participants will recognize how to apply the six context-based mindset categories to assess real-time conditions and decipher current realities to leverage new opportunities by collecting data to escape potential pitfalls.  Participants determine a road map to capturing situational insights and discovering new solutions, improving leadership performance and employee engagement and delivering results.

The Situational Mindset Agility program provides practical tools to confront complexity and lead change.  To address the accelerated speed of change, participants recognize that they cannot accept the status quo and must adapt and adjust to make timely decisions. Through increased critical thinking and mental agility, participants learn to set smart goals to deliver desired results.

Prior to attending the workshop, you will complete a Situational Mindset Agility inventory to assess your critical thinking leadership styles.

Cost:  $800.00 per person, includes participant material and Situational Mindset Indicator® ($50.00 Value)

Learning Objectives:

As a result of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Examine a new results-oriented dimension to leadership development
  • Explore situational mindsets to improve results, critical analysis, and creative thinking
  • Learn how a mindset checklist builds engagement, prevents blind spots, and produces smarter decisions
  • Explore a case where objective situational mindsets improved executive team
  • Improve the ability to influencing without authority
  • Analyze your current mindset to bridge conflict

Presenter:  Dr. Mary Lippitt is an award-winning author, speaker, and consultant.  She founded Enterprise Management Ltd. in 1985 to provide businesses, teams, and organizations with practical and effective solutions to navigate modern business challenges.

Dr. Lippitt is known for her pioneering in organizational life cycle stages and situational analysis. She is recognized as a leader in executing change, organization alignment and strategic thinking.  She brings passion and creativity to the business world and her insights make her a standout in her field.  Dr. Lippitt consults with fortune 500 corporations, educational institutions, non-profits, government agencies, and religious organizations worldwide to improve organization alignment to achieve results.