Situational Mindset Agility


Embrace Uncertainty and Prepare for Anything

Stay ready for today’s dynamic, multi-faceted, and ever-changing business world so that you can make quick decisions that keep your organization moving forward


This workshop is comprised of two 3-hour sessions and targets critical thinking and delivering results for leaders confronting complexity, uncertainty, and opportunity. Using six situational mindsets, you will discover powerful insights to leverage organizational realities to grasp current conditions and craft brilliant decisions to deliver desired outcomes.

Confronting a dynamic, multi-faceted, rapidly changing world requires situational understanding and critical thinking requires new skills in identifying new patterns and recognizing new opportunities, in order to deliver results.

To learn how to adapt to VUCA change, you must discard your existing blinders, and tunnel vision to increase agility and align efforts to achieve goals. Participants will recognize how to apply the six context-based mindset categories to assess real-time conditions and decipher current realities to leverage new opportunities by collecting data to escape potential pitfalls.  Participants determine a road map to capturing situational insights and discovering new solutions, improving leadership performance and employee engagement and delivering results.

The Situational Mindset Agility program provides practical tools to confront complexity and lead change.  To address the accelerated speed of change, participants recognize that they cannot accept the status quo and must adapt and adjust to make timely decisions. Through increased critical thinking and mental agility, participants learn to set smart goals to deliver desired results.

Prior to attending the workshop, you will complete a Situational Mindset Agility inventory to assess your critical thinking leadership styles.


Who Should Take This Course
  • Organization Development Professionals
  • Learning and Development Professionals
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Others seeking opportunities in the field of OD
How Long Does This Training Take
  • Gain Recognition and Trust: Earn distinction and credibility as an OD Professional, positioning yourself to spearhead major change initiatives within organizations.
  • Practical Learning Approach: Engage in hands-on learning rooted in the field of Organization Development’s Change Management model, equipping you to guide business transformation and enhance organizational effectiveness.
  • Master the Action Research Model: Acquire expertise in applying the Action Research Model and other proven change processes, empowering leaders to navigate and implement change initiatives effectively.
  • Real-World Application: Translate theoretical knowledge into practical action by applying learned concepts directly to your work assignments, fostering immediate impact and tangible results.
  • Project Implementation and Case Study Creation: Identify, execute, and evaluate a project, driving meaningful change within your organization and creating a comprehensive case study to showcase your achievements.
  • Versatile OD Tools and Techniques: Demonstrate proficiency with a diverse array of OD tools and techniques, equipping you with the skills necessary to lead successful change initiatives across various organizational contexts.
What Credits Can Be Earned
  • ODCP credentials and digital badge to be recognized as an OD Certified Professional
  • 24 SHRM PDCs
  • 24 HRCI Recertification Credits
  • 24 ATD Recertification Credits
  • 24 ACMP Training Credits

Training Format:


Course Duration

3 Hours





Workshop Outline

Learning Activities



Certified Training Provider



Start Maximizing Employee Performance and Engagement

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Define Appreciative Inquiry and its basic components

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Learn the tools and techniques for each step in the 4-D Appreciative Inquiry Model, and build on each aspect of the model to create a systems change

Learn how to frame questioning that elicit positive responses

Select tools to encourage dialogue, story telling, and to generate ideas that stretch and challenge individuals and groups so they can work more effectively on critical initiatives

Apply appreciative inquiry concepts and tools to real- world issues

Meet The Trainers

OD Practioners With Decades of Real-World Experience

Patricia (Patti) Dammann

Patricia Dammann

Ph.D. in Organization Development

Gene Wheeler

Ph.D. in Organization Development

Susan Gervasi

Ph.D. in Organization Development