Benefits of IOD’s OD Process Consultant Certification Program

Organization Development Process Consulting Certification Program ODPC


Benefits of IOD’s OD Process Consultant Certification Program

If you are interested in making a career transition to the field of Organization Development, the OD Process Consultant Certification Program and gain the distinction as an ODPC, this Program may help you achieve your career goals.

What is the role of an OD Process Consultant?

The OD Process Consultant’s role is to work with individuals and teams to help them build relationships, conduct effective meetings, manage projects, facilitate change, resolve conflicts, influence others, solve critical problems and make effective decisions.   The OD Process Consultant must be able to help the client as a partner to find their own solutions.  Using an OD approach, the OD Process Consultant guides the client using behavioral science methodology such as contracting, data collection, analysis, problem solving, feedback, measurement, training, communication, and sustainment.

What is Organization Development?

Organization Development is the process of helping organizations implement change by involving the client system in data collection, with senior leader buyin and involvement at the top, and ownership of the problem.  The OD Process Consultant must be prepared to deal with a variety of issues facing the organization to prepare them for implementing change.  Some of the issues include culture and leadership styles, organization readiness, lack of resources and commitment, and issues with accountability and trust.

IOD’s online OD Process Consultant Program is designed to help participants develop their skills as an OD Process Consultant (ODPC).
You will learn:

}  Your role in helping clients identify needs, implement change, gain involvement and support, improve processes, solve problems and conflicts, and lead and implement effective change, and celebrate success!

}  Build your strengths as an OD Process Consultant to help you make a significant contribution to organizations, individuals, and team members, the community, and support senior leaders to achieve their business goals.

}  Help clients work together cooperatively and solve conflicts and inter group challenges while guiding them to look deeper into their unique challenges through inquiry and data collection and guide them to identify actions and plan to create change.

}  Provide the client organization with tools and processes to learn new skills through their experience, and to create a sustainable problem solving and change management process for ongoing renewal.

Benefits of Attending this Program:

}  Earn a Certification as an OD Process Consultant (ODPC)
}  Earn 24 HRCI Credits
}  Receive a comprehensive set of OD Tools
}  Gain recognition as an expert in your field
}  Help organizations effectively implement change
}  Lead teams to manage the change implementation process to achieve goals and minimize resistance to change.

Who Should Attend?

}  Human Resources Staff
}  Training and Development Staff
}  Those new to Organization Development
}  Project Managers
}  Change Agents
}  Leaders

Course Topics:

Session 1: Introduction to OD Process Consulting – Understand the Role of the OD Process Consultant and Building Personal Expertise
Session 2:  Communication Skills and Influence Skills – Building Relationships, Listening, Asking Questions, Building Trust, Confidence, Gaining Commitment and Buy-in.
Session 3: The Consulting Process in Action – Understanding Client culture and systems, and the Change Management Process.
Session 4. Coaching and Facilitation Skills to conduct effective meetings, training sessions, and feedback sessions.
Session 5:  Process Consulting in Action – Working in Teams and Cross Functional Teams to Implement Change.
Session 6:  Assessing Change Readiness, Creating an Action Plan and Overcoming Resistance to Change.
Session 7. Keeping Implementation On Track – Problem Solving and Negotiation Skills, and Handling Conflict.
Session 8.  Evaluating and Measuring Success, Conducting Feedback Debrief Discussions, Transferring Learning.

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