How to Advance Your Career As An Executive Coach!

How to Advance Your Career As An Executive Coach!


How to Advance Your Career As An Executive Coach!


In 2012, the ICF Global Coaching Study revealed that, the profession appears to be growing, with an estimated 47,500 professional coaches generating close to $2 billion dollars in annual revenue/income, with expectations over the next 12 months of experiencing increasing demand (clients and sessions) which will lead to growth in annual revenue and income from coaching.
Executive Coaching has become a popular management tool and the role of the executive coach is invaluable as a trusted advisor and confident. Those who can bring effective coaching skills provide a valuable service to organizations.  Many organizations hire coaches to improve leader’s interpersonal skills and leadership competencies, or help promising but troubled executives back from the brink of dismissal, she notes.

The increase in demand for executive coaches is a result that coaches can impact the bottom line by improving leadership performance.  When you are working with senior leaders, the changes they make in their own professional growth has a significant impact on an organization.


Executive coaches earn $200-$400.00 an hour on the average, however, many coaches charge more depending on the level of coaching provided, the number of coaches and the length of the assignment. Typically, experienced coaches charge anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 per coaching engagement which includes a 360 feedback assessments, initial and follow up meetings with the client, the coachee’s manager, and monthly meetings with the coachee.


  • Advertise on linked in and other social media
  • Create a blog page
  • Meet with clients and assess their needs
  • Complete an online certification program
  • Practice coaching with colleagues
  • Take college courses
  • Do research
  • Attend a training workshop
  • Attend webinars
  • Attend professional associations
  • Join a local ICF chapter


IOD offers online Executive Coaching Certification Program which is offered for 8 months meeting 3 hours per month.  You receive a comprehensive set of coaching materials to help build your practice and to strengthen your coaching skills.  You will receive coaching and feedback, a variety of assessments, and coaching tools.  In addition, you’ll complete over 54 hours of coaching training and practice.

Our Executive Coaching Certification program is eligible for 24 ICF CCE hours.   IOD is an approved ICF CCE Provider.

Author:  Nancy L. Zentis, Ph.D. ODCC, ECCP,
Nancy is the CEO of Institute of Organization Development offering online OD Certification Programs in Organization Development, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development and Talent Management.   Nancy has over 30 years consulting experience in the field of OD.  She can be reached at, 954-341-2522.  For more information, please visit our website:


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