Celebrate Earth Day – Everyday!


Friday, April 22nd is Earth Day.

What are you doing to raise environmental awareness and save our planet?

By: Dr. Nancy Zentis, CEO, Institute OD

Earth Day is an annual worldwide event celebrated on April 22 to demonstrate support and raise awareness of environmental issues such as climate change and global warming.  

How is Earth Day celebrated in most organizations?  Many celebrate by creating awareness and driving positive actions for change.  Some hold events, forums, and summits to create awareness, or have special guests to share information, feature documentaries, invite celebrities, or show films to bring awareness to environmental issues such as global warming, the distinction of groups of animals and fish, restoring nature, water conservation, carbon reduction, and pollinator protection actions.

Everywhere you look, you can see the toll taken by environmental destruction, biodiversity loss, and catastrophic climate events.  Birds and corals are dying at an alarming rate, the fish population is diminished, more and more animal species are becoming extinct, clean water is a global issue, and the abundance of waste the goes into landfills is beyond imagination.  What will become of our future generations if we don’t take individual actions to protect our environment now?

We can no longer wait for government agencies or nonprofits to solve the problems impacting our environment.  We must make a personal commitment to support environmental change.  Ask yourself:  What do I stand for?  What can I do to create awareness?  What is my cause?  What behavioral changes can I take that will have the biggest impact?  What am I committed to?  Where do I start?

Here are some tips for saving our planet! 

  • Save gas!  Walk more or drive less.
  • Save water!  Cut down on the amount you use.  Don’t let your faucets run!
  • Recycle plastic, glass, aluminum, and cardboard.  Compost if you can.  Avoid Styrofoam!
  • Help minimize the amount of packaging materials used.  If you use Amazon, pick an Amazon day to reduce waste.
  • Make a commitment to use recyclable products. Reuse as appropriate.  
  • Don’t use single use plastic!
  • Buy energy efficient appliances.
  • Don’t use harmful pesticides or chemicals.

How can you protect the environment?

  • Be aware of issues impacting nature and the atmosphere, like drought, and do what you can to protect our environment.
  • Learn what others are doing to protect our environment and support them as you are able to – donate, volunteer, share information with friends and family.
  • Be an advocate for environmental awareness.  Use your voice by voting for environmentally supportive legislature.
  • Take action to reduce your carbon footprint.  Over time, small daily choices add up!

I recently wrote an article on Regenerative Leadership which describes how leaders must focus on regenerative thinking to solve environmental problems impacting our world.  Check it out to learn more!

An interesting video that might stimulate your reflection on the urgency of climate change and the value of regenerative thinking.  Some Call Me Mother Nature”, Narrated by Julie Roberts.

Consider attending our next GIODN Networking Event, Regenerative Leadership: The Unique Calling of our Times with Arielle Sullivan, Apr 26, 2022 01:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada).


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