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The Institute of Organization Development (IOD), which provides online OD certification programs globally is honored to be hosting a 3-day annual OD conference in Delray Beach, Florida on May 25-27, 2016. The Institute of Organization Development (IOD) provides top tier online OD certification programs globally to expand the field of OD throughout the world.

Delray Beach, Fla. – Feb. 16, 2016 – The Institute of Organization Development is now registering those who wish to attend this year’s 6th annual OD conference, “The Impact of Human Interaction Through OD”. Individuals interested in advancing in the field of OD are invited to participate in the 3-day OD conference being held at the Duncan Center, Delray Beach, FL.

During this 3-day event, our prestigious assembly of speakers and colleagues will facilitate a series of interactive and thought-provoking sessions with practical application to the field of OD by focusing topics on three tracks:
1.     Current Practices and the State of OD Today
2.     Advanced OD Technology
3.     Building Your Own OD Practice
IOD hosts conferences in a variety of global locations including Africa, Jamaica, and India. IOD has successfully connected hundreds of OD professionals to share and gain invaluable experiences. Dr. Nancy Zentis, CEO and Founder of IOD and her colleagues at the Institute of Organization Development are very excited for this event, Organization Development continues to evolve, which aligns with its history.

“Our team of OD experts have been tirelessly researching new techniques and processes for the past ten months. We can’t wait to bring it all together and share what we’ve learned with attendees at this year’s annual OD Conference,” Dr. Zentis comments, “this year, it is an honor to hold our 6th annual conference in our very own home state of Florida. “We know that it will be an enjoyable experience for everyone who attends. In the past, our attendees have commented on the stunning ocean surroundings,” Dr. Zentis comments.

IOD was established by Dr. Nancy Zentis in 2002, and provides top educational services and consulting in the field of OD. IOD is dedicated to growing the field of Organization Development, by developing OD Professionals who will help organizations implement change using a systemic approach. IOD’s vision is to support the professional growth of those interested in becoming OD professionals. With over twenty years in the field, IOD is a leader in education regarding OD tools, processes, and applications for change. Through their globally-recognized, award-winning online certification programs, IOD continues its mission to provide participants with opportunities to excel in their role as OD professionals from anywhere in the world.

To register to attend the 6th Annual OD Conference or to learn more about IOD, please visit their website atwww.instituteod.com or send them an email:Info@instituteod.com


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