IOD’s 8th Annual OD Transformation Conference – June 20-22, 2018 – Kingston, Jamaica


The Institute of Organization Development (IOD) is proud to organize the 8th Annual OD Conference in collaboration with CARI-CODE and GIODN. The Conference overview is as below

a.Conference Information

Venue – Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston, Jamaica

Dates – June 20, 21 & 22, 2018

b.Conference Theme

The conference Theme is OD Impacting Our World: “Triple Bottom Line: Purpose, People and Planet”. The day wise themes are

1. Day 1 Theme – Purpose and Benefits of OD – Organization Change, Leadership, Sustainability, Effectiveness and Growth

2. Day 2 Theme – People and Planet: Sustainability, Engagement, Talent Management, Leadership, corporate Effectiveness

3. Day 3 Theme -Workshops and Learning Practical Skills

c.Conference Speakers

a. Chris Crosby, Crosby & Associates –  Leading Author & Consultant

b. Ray Johnson, President – Johnson Biomedical Hospital

c. Mercedes Martin, [resident & CEO, Mercedes Martin & Co

d. Dr.Nancy Zentis, Founder & CEO, Institute of Organization Development

e. Donna Duncan-Scott, Group Executive Director, JMMB

d.Conference Highlight

Mercedes Martin, Founder, and CEO of Mercedes Martin & Co will share her research findings on leading transformation, sustainability and inclusion. At the end of the session, participants will have explored new ways to lead in the VUCA world, shared ways to transform and sustain leaders and business and embrace new ways of engaging employees that boost engagement, retention, and financial results.

Mercedes Martin is a consultant, educator, and speaker with over two decades of global experience with strategic business consulting, inclusion coaching, global diversity, and leadership development. She helps conscious leaders become aware of how human needs and interconnections drive organizations, and how their own experiences impact their decisions, so they can improve all aspects of the triple bottom line—social, environmental, and financial. The result is both business success and positive social impact.

e. How to Sign Up – Write to to register for the conference.


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