It’s not just a career, it’s the edge over your competition you’ve been looking for!


It’s not just a career in Organization Development, it’s developing a competitive edge!


“An advanced certification can grow your career and increase your earnings and job potential!”


In an evolving job market, building expertise in a specialized area can advance your career and give you an edge over others competing for jobs in your field.

In 2002, when the job market became more competitive for those in the field of HR, L&D, and OD, Institute of Organization Development (IOD) realized the need to provide advanced certification programs to help professionals increase their job search opportunities and add credentials to their resumé.  Most recruiters are seeking candidates with advanced degrees and certifications.

IOD recognized that many OD practitioners lacked professional training in the field of OD, and we wanted to bridge the gap between the theory and practice in the field of OD.  Many college programs provide theory and case studies, but fail to provide students with the tools necessary to apply OD in a business setting.  In IOD’s online certification programs, participants learn how to apply OD concepts immediately and share the tools and processes with leaders and peers to address critical business issues.

Thanks to IOD’s innovative learning approach, participants are implementing the learned OD principles immediately after each session.  The skills, tools, and processes learned have helped innumerable participants advance in their current organization or acquire new positions in the field of OD.  Several participants reported that their CEO created an OD Department and promoted them into the role of OD Leader after they completed the ODCP Certification Program.  The goal of our program is to help organizations become more effective by using the principles of OD.

In an evolving job market, building your expertise in a specialized area can advance your career, up-skill in a very specific area or change your career path.  IOD’s offers six certification programs consisting of three OD programs, Talent Management, Leadership Development Strategies, and Executive Coaching.  Each program can be completed online in 8 months, meeting 3 hours per month.  IOD’s online certification programs are offered in multiple time zones, making it convenient to our global market.  In addition, IOD offers free webinars, and advanced OD Skills workshops for building awareness and knowledge.

In addition to the robust online group sessions, participants receive coaching, networking, consulting, and support from IOD’s team of experienced professionals.  Currently, IOD is gearing up to launch it’s new membership program – IOD Global OD Network, and a recertification program for ongoing development.

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