Press Release – Kingsley Grant to Attend GIODN’s Book Club


Press Release


Author Kingsley Grant to Attend GIODN’s August Book Club Meeting!

Global Institute of Organization Development Network (GIODN) is thrilled to announce that author Kingsley Grant will join their August Book Club Meeting. The monthly book club meets online to share insight on the read of the month. Grant will be the first author to attend the discussion of his very own book, ‘The Emotelligent Leader: Succeed Where Others Failed.” The conversation will be led by Dr. Cindy Banyai who has led the virtual book club since February of this year. “GIODN’s virtual book club is such a treat and I am so fortunate to be able to bring such a lively discussion on topics relevant to OD professionals each and every month. Our participant numbers have swelled this year and we know they will continue to grow, especially when we have special guests, like author Kinglsey Grant.”

Do you feel like there’s a push back to your leadership? What about an undermining effort by some? Are people distancing themselves from you? How about giving you a less than stellar effort in accomplishing tasks? If you identified with any of the above, becoming an Emotelligent Leader is the key to turn things around. Emotelligent pronounced EE-MOH-TE-LI-GENCE = Emotion + Intelligence Emotelligent Leaders recognize that people are their most valuable asset. They also recognize that the most important task they have is to identify and manage their emotions, as well as the emotions of others. Research by the respected Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) in the U.S. found that the three main reasons for leadership failure are difficulty in handling change, inability to work well in a team, and poor interpersonal relations. This book provides the antidote. As you turn the pages, you will discover the 7 Essential Ingredients for becoming the leader everyone loves and wants to follow. Your confidence will soar like never before. These are the ingredients leaders who failed wish they had.

This special event will take place on August 9th at @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm UTC-4. Participants can register to attend online at

The Institute of Organization Development is proud to offer the Global Institute of Organization Development Network (GIODN) to provide opportunities to network, learn and share for all those who are passionate about Organization Development. The Global IOD Network (GIODN) is Global OD Membership Network as it brings together people from across the globe to network, learn and share about Organization Development.

IOD offers online Organization Development Certification Programs to help participants gain skills to advance in their career in the field of OD.  If you are new to OD, you will benefit from the OD Process Consulting Certification Program (ODPC).  If you have been in the field for several years but lack formal OD training, the Organization Development Certification Program (ODCP) will provide you with the tools and skills needed to advance in the field of OD.

IOD’s OD Certification Programs are offered online over 8 months, meeting 3 hours per month.  Each session is delivered through Go-to-training.  Our expert faculty provide interactive discussions, examples, tools, guidelines, and resources to enrich your learning experience.



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