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The kids are going back to school, what’s next for you?  Are you contemplating changing your job, or seeking a new career?  Do you feel like you’ve outgrown your job, and need more meaningful work?  Does your current job stimulate you?  Have you been overlooked for a promotion or career advancement?  You may want to consider advancing your professional development in the field of Organization Development.  

I recently attended an event online hosting Edgar Schein and his son Peter, who work together as OD Consultants.  Peter joined his father’s consulting firm five years ago after leaving a corporate job.  Edgar Schein, one of the pioneers in OD, is in his 90’s and has made important contributions in Organization Culture and Process Consulting.  He understands the importance of ongoing professional development as the field of OD grows more complex.  Both father and son asked the group about the challenges facing OD professionals.  This ignited a deep conversation with over 20 OD consultants discussing their challenges.  As we heard from each other and shared our concerns, I realized I need to invest in my own self development.   A common theme emerged as concerns for OD: working senior leaders, different leadership styles, technology vs social structure, human side of business, multi- generational workforce, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  

Many consultants have shared the challenges they face when working with clients who resist OD change methods when working with an OD Professional.  We have heard this from many colleagues, participants and our own experience as consultants.  We ponder, “What should we do when the client engagement is not going well?”  What should you do when faced with this dilemma?  Give up on the client?  Consider what could have been better?   Try to intervene with a new approach?  Pull out the contract and call for a meeting?   Ask them for a meeting and rebuild the relationship?  Some consultants advise only working with clients who are willing and ready to work on cultural challenges.  Working with clients is the most challenging role for the OD Professional.  

Becoming an OD Professional is not an easy endeavor.  You need multiple skills to become effective.  As I think back in my career, my development has spanned over fifty years; yet I still feel committed to my on-going self-development to keep up with changing organization demands.

Are you ready to commit to advance in your career in the field of OD?  IOD offers certification programs and workshops for professional development.  We have a career path for you to select your career track.  We also offer continuing education credits from SHRM, HRCI, ICF, ACMP, and ATD.  Our programs are virtual, with OD Professionals facilitating each dynamic session.  Our learning model supports your individual learning needs:

  1. You’ll practice your OD skills in real time and receive feedback. 
  2. You’ll implement what you’ve learned in a real project 
  3. You’ll share what you’ve learned with others in your organization so that they learn about OD.


Dr. Nancy Zentis, CEO Institute of OD

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