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What Millennials are Looking for in a Job


By Dr. Nancy Zentis

During a recent meeting with our local SW Florida ATD chapter, a group of millennials offered their thoughts on what they are looking for in a job.

Career growth and development is very important.  “If the learning is valuable and helps us advance in our role or grow in our current job, we would attend training and pay for it ourselves.  We are interested in learning opportunities that provide tools and resources that can be used in our current role.  We are interested in growing our career and potential leadership development opportunities.  We would invest in our future to learn new skills and to show we have the initiative to take on new challenges. However, we want the option to pick and choose what to learn, not be told what to learn.”

Feedback – “We want to receive consistent, constructive feedback on a regular basis.  We want to know if our ideas and projects, and completed tasks meet the manager’s expectations.  We also want to know what we could do differently to improve.  We appreciate feedback on the daily, if possible, so we know we are on track.”

Engagement – In order to keep millennials engaged they need to feel supported by their manager especially for career growth.  They’d like to have someone who is interested in them, and who will support them when they need guidance and mentoring.  “Collaboration and inclusion are important.  We want to feel valued and have a sense of purpose in what we do.”

Leadership – “We appreciate effective leaders who are honest and open.”  Leaders should be specific in telling them what they need to do to be successful, show trust and not micro-manage them.  They want leaders to be logical in their decision making and explain why the decision is important and how it’s going to impact the organization and others.  They value leaders who take responsibility for resolving challenges, not placing blame on others. They like to know the behaviors and preferences of others so they can work more effectively with them.

Motivation – They are not motivated by fun and games, or money, but meaningful work that is appreciated and valued.  They value flexibility – “taking time to take care of personal things when needed, work from home, work-life balance, consideration and respect.”

 Retention – Culture fit is important to them! If the organization fits their values, they have increased loyalty.  If it’s not a good culture fit, they will know when they have to leave.   “We would also appreciate being told if we aren’t a fit for the organization.”

Sustainability – “We are looking for organizations that are invested in their employees, shareholders, and the community.”  Millennials want to be proud to represent the organization.  They like to be involved in the community and support community initiatives. 

Opportunity – “We want to work for organizations that allow us the freedom to stretch our wings, release the reins, and give us their trust.”

Working with other Generations – “It is important to focus on what we have in common such as humanity, experiences, personal interests, work styles, and achievements.  Appreciation and acceptance of others regardless of background, age, gender, religion, culture is a must.”

Technology and Software – “We expect effective processes, technology, and digital resources and systems as we grew up with these tools.”

Benefits – Organizations large and small should offer benefits to cover medical expenses, etc, or offer competitive wages to cover the expenses.

Attention Millennials!

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The OD Process Professional Certification Program (ODPC) is designed to help participants learn a consistent process to help leaders and teams implement change.  Our unique learning approach provides participants with guidelines, valuable toolkits, templates, and step by step processes to help organizations and project teams manage change effectively.

This certification is an excellent opportunity for those new to Organization Development who are interested in advancing in their career or for teams who are engaged in new OD projects.

Dr. Nancy Zentis is the Chief Strategist and CEO of Institute of OD, offering online certification programs for those interested in Organization Development, Talent Management, Leadership Development and Executive Coaching, and Professional Development Skills for ongoing learning.  As a consultant in the field of OD for many years, she has developed Talent Management and Leadership Development Strategies for many leading organizations.  She can be reached at info@instituteod.com.

Institute of OD offers online OD Certification Programs for those interested in advancing in the field of Organization Development.  Check out our programs and schedules at www.instituteod.com


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