The New Reality in Talent Management and Human Resources


The New Reality in Talent Management and Human Resources

Dr. Nancy Zentis, CEO, Institute of OD

As we emerge from the current pandemic, it’s clear that HR and Talent Management will have their work cut out for them.  The old traditions we have been accustomed to are changing and everything must be revamped – from recruitment and onboarding to training and performance, as well as employee engagement and reward systems.

Recruiters will have to create a different mindset when recruiting employees.  More and more organizations will rely on recruitment technology to assess qualified candidates’ applications and resumes to find the best candidate for the job.  Most job interviews will be held virtually online, which makes establishing rapport a difficult challenge. Candidates will have to polish their online interviewing skills to make that positive first impression.  Be prepared to ask critical questions so candidates can learn about the job requirements, organization culture, reporting relationships, and what competencies will help them to be successful.  This will be tough for college graduates with little or no job experience, those transferring skills from one field to another, and even more difficult for minority groups and those with disabilities.

We have to think differently about jobs and who are the best candidates.  First, rethink how job position openings are written.  Communicate with colleges to identify what degree programs are offering to develop college graduates for future positions.  Spend more time on conducting job analysis and writing job listings, as job requirements are constantly changing as a result of the pandemic and new ways of working will be the new norm.  Determine what are the critical requirements and responsibilities of the job, who does this job report to, what are the reporting relationships, what is the level of decision making required, what is the level of experience needed, where does this job fit in a job family or career ladder, how does this job contribute to departmental and business goals, what teams do this job belong to, what are the career opportunities for someone in this job, who are the mentors for this job, and what knowledge, skills and behaviors help candidates be successful.  To help the candidate determine if they are a good fit, define the organization culture, share the leadership style, the organization values, vision, mission, and strategic goals, describe the team they will be working with.  Also, describe the activities available for communication, socialization, learning, inclusion, and relationship building.

Be an employee champion!  Adapt a different mentality about recruitment and help candidates be successful.  Help them to prepare for the future, even if they aren’t selected.  Provide them with some feedback or assessment that shows what requirements were missing.  Create a pool of candidates for future positions and a job bank where people can go to apply.  Keep your recruitment process with a flow of candidates to fill your talent pool.  Build a list of qualified candidates, communicate with them, and invite them to apply for future openings, offer tips on career development, create internship programs, and special projects and development opportunities for them.

We need to be on the top of our game! These are just a few approaches that will help you get there.

Dr. Nancy Zentis is the Chief Strategist and CEO of Institute of Organization Development (IOD), offering online certification programs for those interested in Organization Development, Talent Management, Leadership Development, Human Resource Business Partners, and Executive Coaching.  As a consultant in the field of OD for many years, Nancy is recognized for her experience in creating strategies for Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Talent Management, and Organization Development.  She can be reached at

The Institute of Organization Development offers an online Talent Management Certification Program (TMCP) and Human Resource Business Partner Certification Program (HRBP) for those interested in advancing their careers. For more information about our certification programs and professional development courses, visit our website


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