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Hire a Talent Management Strategist to Partner with the Senior Leadership Team

Author:  Nancy L. Zentis, Ph.D.

After reading many articles about current Talent Management Practices and the need for organizations to address talent management issues, why are organizations so lax about doing anything to address their critical needs and implement changes?

In a recent study, global talent management will continue to be the biggest issue facing organizations in 2018.  Talent has emerged as the major source of building competitive advantage.  Due to the aging population of baby boomers and Generation X & Y frequently changing jobs, it’s increasingly difficult to attract and retain highly skilled workers.  To make matters worse, there’s a shortage of leadership talent as well.

Only 5% of HR Professionals believe that their organizations have committed to implementing a strategic approach to talent management.  However, organizations that excel at talent management will clearly have a competitive advantage in the future.  So, why do so many organizations fail to address their Talent Management issues?

John Kotter addresses this issue in his new book, “That’s Not How We Do It Here!”.  He states that many successful organization leaders are too arrogant and think they know how to do everything right.  He mentions that the average organization is run by leaders who believe only the elite at the top of the hierarchy have the ability to make change happen.  Kotter believes that these organizations have created a change-resistant culture. Leaders tend to be focused on business, financial, and operational priorities and outcomes.  As the saying goes, “What gets rewarded gets done!”

Although there are many articles explaining the benefits of implementing a strategic approach to Talent Management, most organizations fail to do it.  In our experience as OD consultants, someone with an OD background is imperative to help senior leaders identify their Talent Management needs and identify actions to achieve their Talent Management goals.

Many organizations recognize the advantage of hiring a Talent Management Strategist, to help senior leaders guide and change their systems.  This individual must have an understanding of business strategy and talent management to support the requirements of the business and address the organization’s talent management needs.  He/she would be responsible for leading Talent Management and creating an aligned talent management strategy, and gaining senior leader buy-in and commitment to implementing changes to address current and future talent needs.

A Talent Management Strategist should have a background in Organization Development and Talent Management.  They must have an understanding of how the current Talent Management process functions and how effectively it’s working to meet the organization needs.

Many HR or TM professionals lack experience in developing talent management strategies. They’ve worked as generalists for most of their career.  In addition, they haven’t been involved in planning, updating or improving current processes as needed.  Obtaining a certification in Talent Management would help them gain the skills and experience needed to help senior leaders implement an aligned Talent Management Strategy and develop the processes, training, and tools needed to sustain the process.  They would be involved in the ongoing assessment of Talent Management needs and make the necessary changes to meet organization goals.

IOD’s offers a Talent Management Certification Program (TMCP) to develop Talent Management Strategists.  The TMCP program provides participants with the tools needed to develop strategies for each function, how to align each function, and how to create and implement a system-wide Talent Management strategy to meet organization needs.  Many of our participants have successfully helped their organization implement talent management strategies after completing our program.  In addition, our participants are gaining new career opportunities and are being promoted as Talent Management Strategists.


Dr. Nancy Zentis is the Chief Strategist and CEO of Institute of OD, offering online certification programs for those interested in Organization Development, Talent Management, Leadership Development and Executive Coaching, and Professional Development Skills for ongoing learning.  As a consultant in the field of OD for many years, she has developed Talent Management and Leadership Development Strategies for many leading organizations.  She can be reached at  For more information about our certification programs and short courses, visit our website

The Institute of Organization Development (IOD) offers an online Talent Management Certification Program (TMCP) for those interested in advancing their careers in the field of Talent Management.  Participants learn how to help their organizations implement an aligned talent management strategy and receive the guidelines, tools , nd resources needed to be successful.

The Talent Management Certification Program (TMCP) is offered online over 8 months, 3 hours per month to maximize your development as a Talent Management Strategist. Our expert faculty provide interactive discussions, activities, and examples to enrich your learning.


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