My Personal Connection to Robert Crosby


By Dr. Nancy Zentis, CEO, IOD

In October, 2015, I attended the OD Network Conference in Portland, Oregon, and was introduced to Robert Crosby and his son Chris Crosby by my dear friend, Roland Sullivan.  He sat down with me and spent time getting acquainted and asking questions and sharing some of his experiences and knowledge.  He’s been in the field of OD since the 1950’s and has written many books and conducted training sessions on T-Groups.

The next summer, I was visiting my dear friend Ruth Grass, in Petosky, Michigan.  I asked her about her dad, Rev Moody, and his work with the Methodist Church.  As she began to describe her dad’s vision about church summer camp, I realized he was an early adaptor of OD and human interaction.  As I asked her more questions about the process, she shared with me that one of her uncles, Bing, the music director, moved to California in the 50s to join a new movement.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and asked if his name was Robert Crosby.  She verified it was.  What a small world!  My friend’s uncle is Robert (Bing) Crosby, who by the way is an accomplished opera singer.

Robert Crosby has worked in the field of OD for more than 60 years, and along with his sons, Chris and Gilmore, still conduct workshops and publish books and articles.

Please join us, on Thursday, March 18th, to meet with Robert Crosby as he shares with us his new book, Memoirs of a Change Agent, 4:00 PM EDT.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet one of the pioneers in OD. 


Dr. Nancy Zentis, CEO, IOD

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