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IOD Announces Author Chris Crosby as a Keynote Speaker for 2018 OD Conference!

Institute of Organization Development is beginning to release the names of the keynote speakers for their eighth annual OD Conference, to take place in Kingston, Jamaica June 20-22 of this year. The theme of the conference is OD Impacting Our World: Triple Bottom Line: Purpose, People, Planet.

This three-day event is bringing together world-renowned OD experts who will present on the three main topics that are impacting OD Professionals and organizations now and in the future.

The first keynote speaker to be announced is OD Consultant and Emotional Intelligence educator and author, Chris Crosby. He is first and foremost a practitioner with internal experience working as an Organization Development Manager and has external experience running his own consultancy. He has also held an adjunct faculty position at Saybrook University/Leadership Institute of Seattle. In 2017 he published ‘Strategic Organizational Alignment’ and this year is releasing ‘Strategic Engagement.’

“My father started a Master’s degree program in applied behavioral sciences, I decided to enter in 1993. I didn’t know what I wanted to do at that time but while going through the program and learning what it was all about, I basically fell in love with the OD and the counseling sides.” Crosby explains his deep-rooted relationship with OD “it is a family systems-based way of thinking about change and so the program is grounded in family systems theory and I have used them throughout my practice over the years.”

Crosby’s interactive half-day workshop is designed to help participants think through how well they have integrated all voices to solve current organizational challenges. In addition, they will learn the power of combining the systematic theory SATA (Sponsor, Agent, Target, Advocate) with the clarity of authority to bring any workplace together and resolve challenges.  SATA provides a systemic lens to analyze and diagnose problems and provide solutions on how to work more effectively through clear role definition and clear responsibilities for all stakeholders. “Participants will learn how they can use themselves differently in creating the change they want.” Crosby shares his plans for the conference, “in my workshop they will learn how to analyze their organization through systems theory applied to work. They will do this by charting a current work scenario that crosses functions and being led through a repeatable process to analyze, identify challenges, and develop strategies to overcome them.” To learn more about this workshop and IOD’s full schedule for the OD Conference, you can visit

IOD was established by Dr. Nancy Zentis in 2002, and provides top educational services and consulting in the field of OD.  IOD is dedicated to growing the field of Organization Development, by developing OD Professionals who will help organizations implement change using a systemic approach.  IOD’s vision is to support the professional growth of those interested in becoming OD professionals.  With over twenty years in the field, IOD is a leader in education regarding OD tools, processes, and applications for change.  Through their globally-recognized, award-winning, online certification programs, IOD continues its mission to provide participants with opportunities to excel in their role as OD professionals from anywhere in the world.

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