Press Release: The World of OD Unites and Creates a Vivid Future


Institute of Organization Development

The World of OD Unites and Creates a Vivid Future

A brief reflection on IOD’s 7th Annual OD Conference 



Delray Beach, Fl. – June 5, 2017

OD Professionals from Jamaica, Africa, India, and the U.S. recently came together to attend the Institute of Organization Development’s 7th Annual OD Conference: The Future of OD: A Game Changer.  Speakers shared their experiences in Leadership, Use of Self, Renewable Energy, Social Responsibility, Neuroscience, and beyond.

IOD hosted this year’s conference at The Duncan Center in Delray Beach, Florida.  The staff was extremely helpful and offered a new menu each day, happily accommodating each participant’s dietary restrictions as needed. The space was perfect for the interactive conversations and activities that were held.

“I really enjoyed Judy (Vogel) and David’s (Glaser) presentation.  I now realize how important self-care is for organizational consultants.” – Noreen Timoney, conference participant and presenter, shares her thoughts from Day One of the conference.

“I really appreciate the diversity of the conference, as well as the experiential aspect.” Dr. Gabriel Gbiel Benarkuu, from Ghana, Africa reflects. “Additionally, it provides great networking opportunities, the facilitators participate in the sessions, and attendees have the opportunity to come back next year and present.”

An especially memorable activity was shared by Marva Greig, Ilsa duVerney, and Peteula Gayle, OD practitioners from Jamaica.  Their thoughtful presentation highlighted the importance of each role in leadership.  Each participant was randomly assigned to groups of three as either the leader, the follower, or the observer.  The Follower was blindfolded in colorful bandanas and a masquerade mask, while the leader was instructed to guide their blind follower through an obstacle course, with the observer listening and watching closely behind. Mr. Ian Williams (Jamaica) was the first to successfully lead his team through the obstacle course.  After the activity, all of the participants sat in a circle to reflect on their experience and what they learned.  “Ian maintained a very soothing, reassuring voice and offered his hand as guidance.  He explained each step and motion before they took place, allowing his partner to trust him,” Ray Zentis, their observer recalled. “His follower, Linda, was also very quiet through the process, constantly listening, allowing for Ian to do his job.”

Overall the conference was an immense success, a wonderful networking and learning opportunity for everyone involved.  “It is always a pleasure to experience something like this, with professionals from all levels coming together to share their knowledge and the willingness to learn more.  It really goes to show the importance of OD throughout every culture, worldwide.” Dr. Nancy Zentis, CEO of IOD, reflects on the last day of the 2017 conference.  Stay tuned for an announcement for next year’s conference!

IOD was established by Dr. Nancy Zentis in 2002, and provides top educational services and consulting in the field of OD.  IOD is dedicated to growing the field of Organization Development, by developing OD Professionals who will help organizations implement change using a systemic approach.  IOD’s vision is to support the professional growth of those interested in becoming OD professionals.  With over twenty years in the field, IOD is a leader in education regarding OD tools, processes, and applications for change.  Through their globally-recognized, award-winning, online certification programs, IOD continues it’s mission to provide participants with opportunities to excel in their role as OD professionals from anywhere in the world.


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