Press Release: Ray Johnson announced as Keynote Speaker


Press Release


Ray Johnson, President of Johnson Biomedical Capital announced as Keynote Speaker for OD Conference in Kingston, Jamaica!

Institute of Organization Development has been releasing the names of their keynote speakers that will be presenting at the eighth annual OD Conference: OD Impacting Our World: Triple Bottom Line: Purpose, People, Planet. Last week, IOD announced Christ Crosby’s plans for an interactive workshop exploring the systematic theory SATA (Sponsor, Agent, Target, Advocate) with the clarity of authority to bring any workplace together and resolve challenges.

IOD’s newest speaker is Ray Johnson, an M&A advisor who helps small business owners in the healthcare industry successfully sell their companies. He has an MBA from Harvard Business School and has been a founder, president, director, investor, and owner of 15 privately held companies, with multiple successful business exits.

“I am extremely impressed by the high-quality educational opportunities that IOD continues to develop, innovate, and offer for OD professionals,” Johnson speaks highly of IOD, “their extremely relevant and current course content is clearly having a major impact on organizations in the U.S. and around the world.”

Ray Johnson will present a highly engaging and educational experience on “Building Organizational Value through Transformational Leadership.” Based on his 30 years of experience in starting, building, and growing private companies, along with the latest research on organizational effectiveness, Ray will provide an inspiring introduction to Transformational Leadership (TFL) complete with insights, advice, and guidance. “Participants will learn the significant differences between a Transformational Leadership (TFL) style of management and a Transactional Leadership (TSL) style.  They will understand when and how to use each style effectively, given their own unique organizational circumstances.” Johnson describes the benefits of his presentation and the conference, “Very importantly, they will also learn about Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) and how TFL can drive a higher level of OCB in organizations.” To learn more about this workshop and IOD’s full schedule for the OD Conference, visit

IOD was established by Dr. Nancy Zentis in 2002, and provides top educational services and consulting in the field of OD.  IOD is dedicated to growing the field of Organization Development, by developing OD Professionals who will help organizations implement change using a systemic approach.  IOD’s vision is to support the professional growth of those interested in becoming OD professionals.  With over twenty years in the field, IOD is a leader in education regarding OD tools, processes, and applications for change.  Through their globally-recognized, award-winning, online certification programs, IOD continues its mission to provide participants with opportunities to excel in their role as OD professionals from anywhere in the world.


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