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These are wild and crazy times.  The world we live in and work in is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous.  Our lives have been turned upside down both personally and professionally.  Many people are not happy in their current work environments and we are experiencing a “great resignation” in the workforce.  Despite the adversity, there are tremendous opportunities for career growth and development.  In fact, many of us are looking in the mirror and seeing the need for  change.  We are asking ourselves, “Where can I go? / What value do I bring? / and  What will it take to make me happy?  Career change is a challenging, exciting, and scary opportunity.  

Once you have made the decision to make a career change, the next logical step is to determine how to get started on your journey for growth and development.  Getting started can be extremely overwhelming.  Often, our heads are spinning as we are looking for answers.   The Institute for Organization Development (IOD) has created a tool to support individuals who are looking to grow in the field of Organization Development.  This tool is called the OD Career Path.  

The OD Career Path is an online app developed to assist individuals in Career Development Planning.  Individuals will be able to use the tool to discover more about themselves as it relates to their experiences, capabilities, competencies, and development plans.  Once the self-discovery is complete, there is a training roadmap focused on beginning, intermediate and advanced levels and suggested development activities.  As a result of enacting the OD Career Path,  individuals will be able to successfully achieve their career goals.  

The Career Path Model can be used by those individuals who are interested in moving into an OD position or developing themselves further as an OD professional or consultant.  The model will provide ideas  on developing your career and different opportunities available in today’s workforce.   In addition, the purpose of the model is to promote real world application of capabilities and competencies and encourage self-directed learning

Key tools included in the Career Path Model are:  1) Career Path levels; 2) OD Competencies 3) Competency Assessment;  4) Self Development Plan; 5) Training Roadmaps; and 6) OD Toolkits. 

 As you ponder your readiness to move ahead with your career, you may ask yourself, “Why is Career Pathing and Professional Development so important to me and my organization?”  Both Career Pathing and Professional Development …

  • Provide a frame of reference that defines the available opportunities within the field of Organization Development today and into the future
  • Clarify competencies required for success in the field
  • Allow you to identify your desired path in OD, where you stand in terms of skills and knowledge, and what activities you need to pursue to help you achieve your career goals
  • Enable you to chart learning and development opportunities
  • Help keep you interested and engaged in your work
  • Provide a mechanism to express your skills and interests to your manager and have meaningful career discussions
  • Help you improve your critical thinking abilities and ties to vertical development

Our Career Path can lead you from Entry Level OD Practitioner to Intermediate OD Practitioner to OD Business Partner to Advanced OD Professional and to OD Leader / Consultant.  

The first step in the process is to examine your capabilities and competencies.  They include:

IOD offers 3 major certification programs to help you on your career journey. They include: Organization Development Process Consulting (ODPC), Organization Development Certification Program (ODCP) , and Organization Development Consultant Certification Program(ODCC).

It is necessary to sit back and reflect on your strengths and development needs. Once you have evaluated yourself, you can begin working on a plan to continue building on your strengths and remediate your development needs. When creating your Development Plan, start with your OD career vision. Take the time to define your current role and then describe your career goals for the next 12 – 24 months and onwards for the next 2 – 5 years. Build your profile by identifying your talents and priorities. Once you have painted the picture of who you are and where you want to be, identify actions to help you arrive at your destination. Consider not only the goal, action, and timeline, but also the resources needed to help you successfully achieve your plan.

IOD offers 3 major certification programs to help you on your career journey. They include: Organization Development Process Consulting (ODPC), Organization Development Certification Program (ODCP) , and Organization Development Consultant Certification Program(ODCC).

ODPC is designed for those individuals who have little experience in the field and focuses on building basic skills tied to facilitation, managing change, building business partnerships and relationships, and influencing leaders.

ODCP is designed for intermediate level practitioners who will facilitate strategic events, develop and implement change, and provide feedback on interventions. The program advocates the implementation of an Action Research Model to lead organizational change with a focus on systems thinking.

ODCC is designed to support and enhance those OD practitioners functioning at an advanced level with their business partners. Emphasis is placed upon complex cultural change and talent management with emphasis on systems and evaluation of interventions.

Training will certainly provide an opportunity to help you grow and build your confidence and competence as an OD professional, but also consider available tools. Toolkits include help on building relationships and business partnerships, listening, questioning, using discussion guides, feedback, evaluating outcomes, influencing, culture change, strategic planning, teambuilding, and facilitation.

Remember, Career Pathing is not a race; it is a journey. This initiative is not a “one size fits all.” Our resources and tools will prove a valuable insight and help you find your way to an exciting and rewarding career in Organization Development. If you need guidance or have questions, contact us at We would love to help you find your passion. You are worth it!

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