Same us, new look: We have officially rebranded



We’re thrilled to introduce the new Institute of Organization Development (IOD)! For the past year, we have been working diligently to update the IOD brand to represent the knowledge and expertise of our 20+ years in a new, modern and dynamic way. 

We are rebranding with a new logo, color scheme, and website, and believe these updates better represent the IOD brand and our global community.


It has been an exciting revision process! We dug deep into our history, vision, mission, and purpose. We had zoom meeting after zoom meeting, going over every aspect of our business with the finest toothed comb we could find. We considered the current state and we dreamed of a bigger, brighter future – not just for our organization, but for the entire field of OD!

It wasn’t easy.  We had a lot of work to do internally as an organization.  We were facing the same issues that many organizations do: lack of integrated systems, wasting time doing double work, multiple online platforms and services that didn’t work efficiently with each other, and outdated processes that created bottlenecks to our customer service. The latter was a pressing concern because we have our participants’ best interest at heart and want to be the most efficient partner in their OD learning journey. We are now fully aligned with what our customers need. We underwent a total digital transformation, streamlined our user experience and refined our systems to ensure a seamless, customer-friendly experience.

New Logo

Staying true to our vision of “Changing the World with Organization Development”, we updated our brand elements to better represent our vision of a brighter future. Our new logo represents the ongoing relationship between various entities – IOD, our outstanding participants, and the organizations they serve. It represents the very idea of IOD being the source and partner in creating infinite effective change in the world. 

We start with the entity in coral, representing IOD. We see ourselves in the role of sharing our knowledge and empowering our participants, who are represented in blue. The flow and partnership is continuous, as we aim to support you through multiple certifications and workshops that help you upskill and reskill, so you can continue to advance in your career. In the spirit of continuity of learning, we see our certified participants then take on the role of empowered change agents at their organizations, embodying now the coral entity, where they in turn become the partners that guide their teams, who are now represented in blue. This speaks directly to our spirit of sharing knowledge and empowering others to create positive change ad infinitum using OD principles. 

But the impact, we hope, doesn’t end there. We firmly believe that our participants, once equipped with the concepts of collaboration and deep inquiry, will bring these elements beyond their organizations and use them to impact their communities and ideally, society as a whole. Just imagine if more leaders in the world acted based on these principles. That’s the world we envision and want to empower, one OD student at a time.


Coral is a warm and embracing color that gives a fresh impression to our corporate identity. We retained IOD’s existing blues, Deep Navy and Electric Blue, to symbolize how proud we are of the work we’ve been doing over the past 20 years as leaders in the field of OD. 

The gradient that is created when going from coral to blue is also representative of our brand, demonstrating the ongoing flow of knowledge and empowerment that starts at IOD, then flows to our participants, and from them over to the organizations they serve. Our most ambitious goal is to share our knowledge so that it can be applied in organizations and create a ripple effect that empowers entire communities to engage and succeed in effective change.


We are also very excited about the renewed website, which was built to create a seamless experience for users. The revamping of the website makes it easier for you to navigate and find our extensive suite of online offerings: certifications programs that will help you solidify your position as an OD leader, relevant workshops that allow you to dive deeper into specific topics, and webinars to introduce you to the transformational impact of OD (leadership, coaching, talent management).

IOD has been a forerunner in the world of OD, and we will continue our dedication to our participants by providing the best user-friendly experience online. We hope you take a few minutes to explore it and let us know what you think.

You have trusted us to lead you in your OD learning journey for over 20 years and we’re ready to continue leading the OD field and supporting you, our valued participants, to create the positive change that the world needs.

Join us in our new adventure! We’re here for you!

IOD team


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