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IOD is a Leader in the Field of Organization Development and Change Management

At the Institute of Organization Development (IOD), we are champions for change. We passionately believe in the power of OD to change the world for the better, and that it is up to OD professionals to be the empowered agents who make that change happen. We also know that only by upskilling and reskilling the OD community can that change be the most impactful. 

Institute of Organization Development is the global leader in providing OD certification programs for motivated individuals and teams looking to accelerate their career in the fields of organization development, change management, leadership, and talent development.

A unique value of IOD’s programs is that participants work on real-time problems and examples together. By having peers across functions and industries live at the training, participants can learn from each other.

IOD’s Action Research Model (ARM) is built to help all professionals understand and facilitate change through the group members at all levels, from social communities to corporations, non-profit or private organizations, across geographical locations, and cultures

Another important aspect of IOD’s work is the global network of professionals they have created that exchange ideas, knowledge, and experiences. It is the impact that IOD has had on the OD field itself – bringing together professionals from every continent, sharing in community, whether in person at conferences or online through virtual events. 

Professionals willing to advance their career come to IOD at different levels of experience, with a wide variety of backgrounds and circumstances, looking for solutions for everyday problems and concerns. They believe that by coming together as a global community looking to make a difference using OD, they will create meaningful and lasting change in the world. 

In a rapidly changing global environment, organizations are exposed to complex issues affecting a wide range of strategic functions. Globalization and increased migration patterns in the world population are adding to the ‘stress’ businesses face, thus increasing the demand for strategic solutions capable of increasing company effectiveness. Today, more than ever before organizations understand the urgent need of responding to the changing global environment. Senior executive leadership realize the importance of being agile, adaptive, and willing to change as needed. A traditional theory and practice employed in the business community for decades has been the science of Organization Development (OD). 

As the organization continues to transform to meet consumer demands and remain globally relevant, organization development is an increasingly important strategic lever for the business to provide a prescriptive view and operational model to lead change and develop new skills for change agents and leaders to help learn address future unknown needs/variables 


We're empowering OD professionals to lead effective change


“Premier Global Learning Organization in Developing and Supporting OD Professionals to Inspire and Empower Sustainable Change”


“We transform organizations by developing highly competent OD professionals”


“To develop greatness in OD Professionals”


Integrity, Accountability, Respectful of Self and Others, Perseverance, Client Focused




The IOD Action Research Model is a proven methodology that helps individuals facilitate organizational change. With the help of an internal or external OD consultant, IOD’s Action Research Model leads clients through a diagnostic process to identify the root cause of a problem by leveraging data to deliver effective solutions.


Join the Fastest Growing OD Network in the World

To build a community of OD professionals, IOD formed GIODN, “Global Institute of Organization Development Network” a professional membership network.  GIODN hosts two monthly networking events with well-known OD Consultants, offers an online toolkit with over 80 OD tools, and a searchable professional registry to register your OD credentials.  

GIODN - Global Institute of Organizational Development Network