Coaching Leaders in Turbulent Times


As we navigate through this unprecedented change, the role of Organization Development Professional is even more critical than ever.   As change agents, we have an opportunity to coach senior leaders and teams to help them navigate through changes that impact their lives and aid them to identify solutions to help them prepare for the future.

As a way to give back to our community, IOD is offering a free online webinar to help you effectively coach senior leaders through the challenges they are currently facing and identify how to engage others to prepare for the future.

During times of crises, leaders need to communicate the current situation, their vision of the future, and what actions are needed for the short term.  Leaders need to recognize their role in leading change by assessing the needs of their team, understand how the change is impacting them, how to lead change, how to overcome resistance to change, and reengage the team.

This online webinar will show you how to apply a unique coaching model to help coach leaders as we transition the organization from where it is today to a new tomorrow.

Here are the learning outcomes:

  • Identify steps to coach leaders in turbulent times
  • Identify a coaching model to help leaders lead change
  • Demonstrate how change is impacting the team
  • Coach leaders on how they can overcome resistance to change


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