How Well Do You Know Your Organization’s Business?


How Well Do You Know Your Organization’s Business?

By Antoinette “Toni” Ford

For many of us in Human Resources, our main function is talent acquisition, employee empowerment, compliance, and continually “putting out fires.”  There is little time to spend thinking about the business we are in and the larger contribution we can make if we have a better understanding about our organization.  That lack of understanding puts us at a disadvantage when we become part of the Leadership Team.  We have, mistakenly, boxed ourselves into the role of a function rather than a strategic partner in growing and developing the organization.

The Human Resource Business Partner Certification Program provides tried and true methods to achieve the respect and trust of senior management while balancing our role as Employee Champion.  You will deepen your understanding of the foundations of being a partner, learn how to influence outcomes, and become aware of the future needs that are required to achieve success within your organization.

Our first goal is to help you understand the role of the HR Business Partner and how to build the foundation of partnership.  Explore how you can learn the Culture, Mission, Values, and who the Key Decision Makers are within your organization.  The HR Business Partner plays a critical role in implementing change.  Develop, enhance, and learn new techniques to assist you in this vital role.

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Author:  Toni Ford, MS Administration, is a facilitator and human resources consultant for the Institute of Organization Development and has worked nationally and internationally supporting CEOs, Sr. Leadership, and teams in her role as a senior leader HR Business Partner/OD Director. She is published and has had several newspaper articles written about her work in organizations.


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